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Jim Ovia – Zenith Bank Real bank fake scam

JIM OVIA & Zenith Bank

Jim Ovia is a real person and Zenith Bank is a real Nigerian bank. There is a scam flooding the Internet using Zenith to profit.

Picture of Jim Ovia

Many scammers (definitely not all) on the Internet are from third world countries. The case listed below is a scam coming from West Africa. We can assume that the use of actual banks and people from Nigeria that this scam is based in Nigeria. The following scam alludes to a real bank in Nigeria called Zenith. It also mentions Jim Ovia, a real person, who is a former CEO of Zenith bank.

From Reader:

I have been sending money by Western Union a very large sum of money to a Jim Ovia of Zenth Bank for help in geting 2.5 millinon dollars. Now if I have not been dealing with this man someone else has beeing using his name and title.

I have read a Biography of Jim Ovia on the internet and after learing what
a wire transfer is I feel like I have been scamed bad cause I have been sending the money through Western Union.


Always research and double check unsolicited (and solicited) claims of wealth on the Internet and in your inbox. Most things are not what they appear to be on the Internet. Your trust should be hard earned especially on the ‘Net. Some signs of the foul play will include (but will not be limited to):

Use of free email such as .gmail and .hotmail: Remember scammers do not typically have the resources to devote to setting up an email box and website that looks legit so they will use everything free that they can.

BAD ENGLISH: If they have very poor grammar, it is an indication that they probably don’t have the education to be put in a place where they would be responsible for other people’s money particularly an English client.

Check the links of the email: Some emails look like the come from the real “paypal” or the real “Zenith Bank” but it is actually what is called “phishing”. The email has all the official logos and letterhead but the links lead to fake sites. If you look “under the hood” of the email, you will find the real URLs and IP address. You may also see the use of free email. If you go into the email and “Show Original” or “Show source” you will see where email actually came from, where it is being forwarded to and where the links go to.

If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. This is an axiom that is an unfortunate truth due to human greed and selfishness.