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Here is a classic scam.  There are so many of these Internet Lottery scams:

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Tallarico talks smack about TechTV and Morgan Webb.

Tommy Tallarico, co-host of G4TechTV's “Judgment Day,” recently came to the defense of his parent channel, saying that the station is “on the way up,” and that its detractors should thank the channel, “for saving any bit of [TechTV] at all.” He also commented on XPlay's Morgan Webb, saying some see her as a “only eye candy.”

First off, I like Tommy Tallarico and the show Judgment Day.  I think he's pretty entertaining… like a midget clown or something!

 I don't watch that show (or ANY other show on G4) on a regular basis.  They're not GEEK enough for me.  Their perversion of the Screen Savers ended any hope I had caring about G4.  Although, I hear that Call For Help will be coming back on the air.

I do think that a lot of people have taken Tallarico's words out of context (at least the part about Morgan Webb's titty to gamer ratio).  He did say that some people were saying that, but maybe it was a tactful way to be tactless. 

According to Leo Laporte, G4 is appearently doing quite well.  I can't find any stats on how their ratings are now compared to TechTV and the merger.

What I do know is the Screen Savers, my favorite show on cable TV (Pre Battle Star Galactica), was shutdown.  I really didn't watch the other TechTV shows as religiously and I wouldn't doubt that Future Fighting Machines had low ratings. 

I hope that some other show will be able to wet my GEEK apetite by talking about hacking and mods and other cool shit like that.  Until then I'm stuck with waiting for Systm, Broken and Shadows to tease me every three months with a 5 minute speed bump.

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