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***scam Facebook Black SCAM**
facebook black scam

image of fb black fake ad

Facebook Black Tagged ???

So someone TAGGED me with an “I just got Facebook Black!” message.   I was all excited.  YES, Facebook black.   Then I was like.. WHAT HELL IS FACEBOOK BLACK?  Is it a new smartphone released by Facebook?  Is it a new elite Facebook page?  Or maybe Facebook is getting into HD Content & AirPlay Wireless Streaming like Apple TV, Roku and Google TV?

Googled it:  SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

Facebook black is not anything but a scam.  It is an aggressive survey campaign that leads to something malicious… I call it SURVEY RAPE.  Yes, that right folks.. ELAMB.ORG created the phrase “Survey Rape”.  Shakespear created 1700 words including gems like “addiction” and “accused”.  I created “survey rape”.. and also “survey rapage” meaning the representation of “survey rape”.

Anyway, facebook black is a series of surveys designed to trick and forcibly gather data on victims.  Thus the name, “survey rape” a fate worse than death.

Facebook black similar to some other facebook scams first tag you to get your attention.  Once you take the bait, the hook is clicking their facebook black ad.  After that, the attackers use a Javascript file to create a new Fb page on your account and you are redirected to a malicious website.