who is ludochekmy? date spammer

Apparently, she is a lonely single woman who speaks english as a second language.

I googled “ludochek” and found this:

ludochekmy googled 

YOU SEARCH WOMAN? I’m single woman and i search man my mail: ludochekmy()gmail.com
I’m blond, 32y.old. If you search woman for pen pal and more write to me and i can send
to you my new pics and tell more about myself.
I use () instead @ for my email.
I post this message from this forum because i don’t have credit card and can’t use dating site.
If you want find a friend please write to me i am very lonely girl.
I wait your message to my email: ludochekmy()gmail.com but you must use @ Ludmila.
I wonder if date spamming works.  I’ll do some research on this.

paypal email scams

I get these paypal email scams ALL the time. It is really just one of so many phishing scams that put up mock versions of legitimate financial services and institutions such as Wells Fargo, Western Union, Bank of America and others in order to trick some of their customers into giving up usernames, passwords and account information.

Notice that the URL adress bar goes to IP:

This IP goes to somewhere in Australia and not PayPal. NEVER go to these mock sites and give your information. If you think something maybe wrong with your account after receiving an email make sure you open a NEW BROWSER and type the url in your self.

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