Scam – Dating Site Need Plane Ticket Money

A common scam on some foreign dating sites is for people to ask for money for a plane ticket. They will claim that they are from America or Europe but are stuck in another country so they need your help to come closer to you. They claim that when they get there they will pay you back.

You should know that this is a common scam. Do not fall for it. If you send them the money for the plane ticket, you will not see the again.

How to Identify Scammer Profiles with Google Images

Ever wonder if the person you are talking to on a dating site is real? Their profile looks too good to be true. Their profile pictures are all glamour shots. Or maybe you want to get serious but you just want to be sure that this person is who they say they are.

With this little trick, you can gather more information about who they are just to make sure. Here are the steps:

1. Get their profile picture
2. If you had to screen shot their image, copy it to paint and crop it
3. Upload the image to Google Images
4. Compare the images/information you find with what is is on the dating profile.

Sometimes scammers use the images of musicians/actors/models from their home country. When they do this, it is pretty easy to identify the fakes because it will pop up all over the place. In this video I give you an example of how to do it.


Exotic_Russian_Women are waiting for you Now dream-marriage

Romance Scam Site Dream-Marriage

If you have the money and like talking to young girls then Dream Marriage is the site for you.  This is a fake dating/marriage broker site, where women and/or men pretending to be women are paid to be in love with western guys.

I guess if you want to pay to talk to people pretending to be beautiful women online then it is a legit:

$ – to get a women address

$ – to send an message

$ – to get an email

$ – to translate their messages

They put up images of gorgeous models and say everything you want to hear.

Lately, they started doing an email campaign that looks like this:

Exotic_Russian_Women are waiting for you Now!

Exotic_Russian_Women are waiting for you Now dream-marriage

Exotic_Russian_Women are waiting for you Now dream-marriage

see more on rip off report:


Warning: Romance Scam Fiance visa

Jason & Lea the Romance

A year ago, I wrote fiance visa  process and made videos in youtube. A filipino man named Jason (not real name) who is currently working in Saudi Arabia as an engineer contacted me just yesterday (June 03,2015). He just recently met a US citizen filipino women Lea who claims that she is a doctor working in Syria. She said that it is part of her medical practice. She is also saying that she wants to marry and him so that she can leave her job in Syria.  Jason thought it is okay because he is single, ready and willing to marry.

anti-romance scam tip #1:  It is not uncommon to meet an American Citizen who is abroad (many US military people are abroad) however, take your time getting to know them.  Do not rush into a romance.

The fiance Visa Set Up

Jason told Lea that he would rather marry in the Philippines as it is more formal to meet the family first then marry. And so if she could go there it would be better because he prefer a CR1 visa as well. Lea keeps making alibis saying that a fiance visa is faster because it only takes 5 months to process it. She also said that she will need 10 gifts to prove that the relationship and a diamond ring which she sent a picture of to Jason. Lea also demanded of a Samsung 6 as a first gift. Jason asked her if they could meet first since they are talking of getting a fiance visa. She said that it is not necessary yet. She wanted to do the fiance visa first. Get the NOA 1 and NOA 2 before they meet.  He had been asking if they could talk on the phone. Lea reasoned out that she does not have a phone. It is not allowed in Syria. She also said that she does not have a facebook or skype but only email.

anti-romance scam tip #2:  ALWAYS, make sure you SEE your lover via cam.  DO NOT accept alibis on why they cannot do cam.  There is always a way and if they are as serious about you as your are about them, they will find a way to do cam to cam with you.

anti-romance scam tip #3:  In a US fiance visa petition, you cannot petition your foreign fiance if you have not met in person. A main proof USCIS for a fiance visa is a proof of your meeting such as photos together,  flight ticket, hotel room booking and an engagement ring. However, it is not a must to have an engagement ring.

Basically, this is purely a scam. So cautious of who you become serious withDO not be fooled with just the beautiful photos. They may not be what you think they are. Always ask to see them live on skype or any kind of video chat. That is the most guaranteed way to know the person on the other line.

gagamatch and Interlingvo scam dating translations site

Many “girls” from gagamatch solicit users from other dating sites with elaborate fake profiles feature images of models and artist from all over the world.  You can confirm that the images are from models/actresses by doing a google search on the image.

They try to lure guys to gagamatch where they have a “private” email and profile that you can only access by joining GAGAMatch.  They claim that you must join because they don’t speak English well and Gagamatch has a great translator so you must join.

Most of girls on gaga try to cheat you extort your money..

Gagamatach used to be called Interlingvo.  The organization that runs this actually has many dating sites that do the same scam with a database of fake, pretty pictures and profiles to lure man. Here are more sites in their network:

Russian sites

— from

The will try to get you to pay for membership and translations of messages for these profiles.. keep in mind some of these are probably NOT women and definitely NOT what you see on the pictures but men want to believe it is true.



Financial Scams : Capital One

Beware: This is a financial scams that has been around for a while.

Subject: FW: Account Alert: IMPORTANT Notification, Action Required

An apparent fishing attempt…

From: Capital One []

Subject: Account Alert: IMPORTANT Notification, Action Required


Account Alert: Service Validation.

Dear Valued Holder,

As requested, We’re writing to make sure you’re aware of a NEW change in security procedure for all account holders.Your profile and billing information needs to be validated.

Kindly follow the ONE-TIME action below in order to opt with our recent security improvement. By passing back and forth private information that only you and us know, you can feel even more secure with your online access experience. We recognize you and you recognize us.

To continue, we have sent you an attached HTML Web Page.

See e-mail attachedweb page
Download and save it
Open the attached web page
Get started by confirming your informations

Online Customer Center.

Do not reply to this message with Account-related questions. If you wish to submit a question, please contact us at One
P.O. Box 5226
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5226
© 2014 Capital OnePrivacy and Security  |   Terms of Use and Link Policy

Reviews for Asian Dating Sites

Reviews for Asian Dating Sites

Here is a review of some of the dating sites popular among Philippines and other asian countries. Although date & romance is like its own industry, there are also some legit people there looking for real love.


ava-violet/googleplus sexywomen

1. – This is the most popular dating site to find a filipina.. Unfortunately it is also where most active date scammers hang out.

2. – Men and the filipinas specifically cebuanas are more serious on this dating site for finding their partner rather than just playing around and scamming.

3. This is not a dating site but a social networking site to interact with people around the world although most men and women are bad and nasty posting an inappropriate pictures. Mostly people that go to the site are into flirting or sex only or plainly finding someone to talk to when they are bored.

4. This dating site is all about playing around. Nothing serious going on with searching for a partner here. Most people are into scamming and fooling each other or plainly flirting and sex. 90 % is that it will be impossible to find the right partner you are seeking.
5. Guys pay to get into the site and on emailing the filipina women. So it is more serious here because there’s no communication without the payment. But still, it is up to the opposite sex if they are gonna be compatible with each other to proceed on a real relationship.
6. -This dating site is all about japan. It tackles the Japanese language , culture, their history and travel. Nevertheless, some of the Filipinas have used the site for romance scam to the Japanese guys using fake pictures of hot girls to get money, laptops and other kind of gadgets from them.

7. is a thai dating site of thai women searching for love on the other side of the world.

8. is also another popular site for finding a thai love. Thai people are very respectful and kind.

9. is another  dating site with beautiful women coming from different asian countries.

10. is the dating site that cater for guys who are in search of love, relationship and marriage with vietnamese beauties.

There are several popular website in finding your asian love online. So, goodluck! I wish you find your other half .


Top 8 Reasons Why Filipina Scam Online

Top 8 Reasons Why Filipina Scam Online

If you are involved in the online dating scene and considering trying to court a filipina girl friend then you should read this before you proceed.

With their beauty and sweet loving nature, its clear to see why so many westerners (Europeans, Australians, Canadians etc) would pursue a filipina.

But there is a HUGE darkside to the Filipino dating sites. The Filipino dating sites are infested with gold diggers and scammers. While all dating sites have them, Filipino/foreigner dating sites have A LOT more than average. Here are the top 8 reasons why filipinas scam foreign guys:


courtesy of 419-eater

1.  Materialistic

Its the little things that brighten a ladies day: A new purse, new sandals, a good lunch. Once they have a taste of regularly getting nice things, its hard to stop. Its easier to find a western bf online who will give money than it is to get cash from anywhere else. So sometimes they scam a guy online JUST for getting their hair and nails done, or a nice dress or for some piece of jewelry.

2. Family/Parents/Relatives

Most of the filipino families don’t discourage daughters from getting money online. In fact, they may even encourage them to get more from scamming. Much of the the money that comes from scams goes to the familys basic needs such as food, electric and other bills that are supposed to be responsibilities of the parents to take care of.

Note: Bills, Yes it is commonly the alibi that filipinas use in scamming guys to ask them for money or it can be emergency needs such as death in the family, hospitalization bills or typhoon that caused damages in their houses.

Here is a video of a pinay scammer acting and fake crying while chatting. Lol.

3. Poverty

The first things you mat notice of you actually go to the Philippines is that its overcrowded and very poor. There are few jobs and too many people. The utilities and bills are much higher than the average Filipino can afford. Due to so much corruption within the government it seems like the poverty will be permanent. Poverty is one of the main reasons for the amount of scammers.

4. Children

What greater reason to scam than to get money for milk for kids. If your child had nothing to eat, do you think you would do whatever it takes to feed them? While its nice to help kids, a dating site is not the right place to do it. How can you tell who has legitimate problems and who is lying? You cannot. Especially not online.

5. Pleasure

Some of the filipinas find it a pleasure, a joy to be able to scam guys and get big amount of money with a very little effort of lying until it finally becomes a habit. A habit which they cannot stop unless there’s no more pitiful guys that they can fool. For them, it becomes a boost to the ego to trick guys. Its exciting to meet new people and scam them.

6. Education

College girls need money for their school fees, tuition and books. Since they hear a lot of stories of what other women are doing, they are inspired to do the same since it is easy. What else can be a better way to get money than to scam!?

7. Filipino Boyfriends

Most filipinas doing romance scams on the dating sites HAVE a filipino boyfriend. They use the money from the scam to feed their boyfriends, go shopping, clubbing with friends or outing. The sad thing is the guy online getting scam thinks that he is the only one but in reality, there’s another man getting pimping in background.

8. Influence

Generally, most of the people in the Philippines do not find it as an offensive act to scam guys online for money. When girls talk about it, instead of disappointment, they are amazed that filipinas get so much money out of it and so they spread the word and inspire other women to do. it.

Its unfortunate that because there are so many filipina scammers, filipinas have a growing reputation in the west as being all about money and scamming. Its now MUCH harder for overseas Filipino workers to get visas to work abroad because they are questioned on their intentions of leaving the Philippines. It affects the GOOD filipina fiance who falls in love with a westerner because the family of the westerner will question her legitimacy.

Of course, its not ALL filipinas that are scamming on dating sites, but its definitely many. And its hard to identify who is real and whos fake. Some of the filipinas you will talk to are more focused on money, most are just lying scammers, and very few are interested in an actual relationship that is not about money, but knowing each other deeper.

At least half of the population of these women are already in a relationship with a filipino boyfriend or another foreign guy. And still others are recently broke up with a filipino boyfriend but still have attachment to him. Also, many are not even women but men that pretend to be women.

DO NOT give out money on dating sites. If these people want money they should go to a charity site. Sometimes filipino/foreign dating sites are more like a corner with beggars than a place to find love.

If you are serious about finding love or a wife, FILIPINAS make the BEST wives. They have many good qualities that a man wants. But finding the right one for you takes a long time with luck just like any other dating site.

Filipino Cupid Success

Filipino Cupid Success

Written by: Matt 🙂 ** for you, baby**

In 2011, I submitted an article to about how I was scammed on Filipino cupid.

That article was accompanied by an article by the actual woman that scammed me:

Even though the interaction was built on lies, it actually start to turn into a relationship, a relationship that ended with her apologizing and me finding it hard to trust. Its was a lot of heartache for both of us. The good that came out of it was that we decided to warn others against that treacherous path we chose. We of course broke up and she eventually paid me back.

Since that time things have changed a lot. I have had filipino cupid success. Not only did I find true love but I found the woman of my dreams. A woman that is not only beautiful but someone who has become my best friend and someone who is apart of me completely. I did not think such a thing was possible. But here it is. Even though I make an average income, I feel wealthy. Its like I have found a castle full of riches.

So I have been thinking how could I have found this person sooner.. what tips could I give to help others find a good woman and AVOID all that mistakes I made:


asking money dating site1. She Asks Money. If the lady you meet online is asking for money, this is a pretty good indication that she is all about money. Because of the poverty and the environment that is provides no legal, religious, moral or financial support of single mothers, MANY filipinas turn to asking, begging or scamming money from dating sites. Some even make a living from this alone. If her family is struggling, her priority is to them. And its very understandable, but understand that because of this situation you are someone she just met. You are a means to help her family who she would die for. So lying to you is easy.

So how do you determine who just really needs help and who is scamming? You CAN NOT. But from my experience, the ones that do not ask for money are serious. All the ones that asked for money were no good. If the money stops, they leave. Its one thing to just ask for money but its another to pretend to be in love to get money, that is actually worse than a Gold Digger.

rule #1: Just dont give money. Giving out money is NOT the way to filipino cupid success.

pitty dating2. Victim stories. This is usually tied to money. They will tell you a terrible story about disease, death or accidents in the family. Or they will say that their baby needs milk. Keep in mind that you have NO WAY of know what is the truth from online chats. They are telling you this story so that you feel pity and ask them if they need help (money).

Ask yourself, 1-If they are in such a bad situation, why are they on the Internet? In fact, how can they afford electricity and Internet in the first place? 2-WHY in the world would someone go on a DATING site to get pity? Shouldnt they get help at a church or friends or family or some sort of organization. Dont listen to victim stories.. you are on a dating site to find love not to become a charity organization.

3. She will not get on video. If he keeps making excuses to not be seen on video then she not who she says she is. In fact, it might not even be a SHE.

Filipino Cupid Success4. Listen to her past. Assuming she did not ask for money, did not try to receive charity from pity and you like what you see on video, then the next step is to get her to talk about herself. Find out about her past relationship to see what kind of behavior she has in her life. A person establishes habits that are more set the older they are. Assume those habits are there to stay and ask yourself, can I live with that?

5. Is she compatible with you? Determining compatibility takes time. Do you enjoy talking the her? Does she like talking to you? Do you feel comfortable and happy interacting? Do you have arguments? Can they be resolved? Whatever the attraction it should be way beyond just sex.

I would also say that once you find the right one, you both should lose the desire to stay on dating sites. When it is really good, dating sites lose their appeal. You just dont want to go there anymore. There is no reason too.

Through all the heartbreak, and all the crazy scams on, the filipino cupid success I have now has definitely made it worth it all. I just hope you can be smarter than I was about it. NOT giving money based on sob stories making sure she is who she says she is with VIDEO and then finding the right one.

I found the love of my life on filipino cupid, a dating site. Its something that is way beyond words. We have been together over a year and have met several times. Together we have been traveling the world living a dream..

Good luck.

Is it my baby? 6 Hints that Its NOT yours

Is it my baby?

Author: Bry@nt5


is it my baby is it my baby or is it a trap

This goes beyond a mere scam. So perhaps this is not the right site to put this on. Whatever the case, here is my story.

She got pregnant and said it was mine. When I voiced my doubts and the possibility that it could be someone else’ she claimed with absolute certainty that it was mine and there was no way it could be another man’s child. 10 months later I found out the truth!

During the pregnancy, I had accepted it. For months during the pregnancy I thought this baby was mine. I provided money, emotional support and anything she needed. Then I got the DNA results back.. it was not mine. And I think she knew damn well it was not. She just strung me along the whole time for money.

Looking back, I can honestly say that it was my OWN FAULT. I ignored all the warning signs of how desperate this person was, how much of a complete liar she was, and I only got suspicious when babies delivery date did not quite add up with the dates of possible conception.

Of course, the best evidence on whether the baby was mine or not was DNA. But there were some signs that should have given me hints.

Here are some hints by the numbers:

#1. Delivery Date is Off

is it my baby untra soundWhen she got the first ultrasound, the doctor said that the baby was due one month earlier than it should be from the first time we had sex. One thing to keep in mind is that an ultrasound gives the doctor a very good indication of when then baby should arrive and when she had her last period They can definitely be off and if there is any doubt its a good idea to have a second opinion from a different doctor. In my case, she had the baby, it was even earlier than the date she should be due. More information on the accuracy of ultrasounds here:

I calculated the days over and over using due date calculators:

#2. Delays DNA Test

is the baby mine - DNA testingHer first response to a DNA Test was to be pissed off about it. She over reacted a lot when I mentioned it. And it was only when I insisted that she agreed but only if SHE could control the process of having it done. When I denied her that control, she delayed getting the DNA samples from the baby for months.

*When I finally got the results of the DNA test, she said she sent the wrong sample. Since there is no denying DNA evidence, someone who is not sure will be very reluctant about a DNA test. If she was sure it was my baby, she would not hesitate.

#3. Baby does not look like me

is it my baby?

The baby had red hair. NO ONE in my bloodline has red hair.

I guess this is pretty obvious. If the baby does not have any of your features, you have a right to ask questions.

In my case, the baby did not quite look like me. In fact, the baby did not fully look like my race.

After I was sure she had lied, after I got the DNA results I wanted to How and Why she did it. And you know I think there were many reasons. These reason also add to the hints to be mindful of. Those reasons are also big indicators of motives and intention. Is this the kind of person who would do something like trap you with a baby.

#4. She is a SLUT

she put out a LOT its not my baby baby

she is easy.

In the end I found out that she had slept with many guys and actually she did not know whose baby it was. She wanted to find meaning, affection and intimacy by giving her body up to many men. But she was also driven by revenge. Her boyfriend cheated on her so she wanted to fuck other men to hurt him. How do I know? Some she told me. But I also caught her chatting, and calling them, texting and flirting before, after and once… even during sex.

#5. She is Incredible LIAR

she lied about the baby

liar. mother.

Yet another hint of that the baby might not be mine was all the lying. If she thought there was no way I would know what she was doing then she would lie. She started lying so much that she would forget what she said before to follow up on her own lies. Example, I Googled her and found her on dating sites (profiles still up and active recently). She said she was not searching on the dating sites anymore. She told me she was no longer involved with her exes but eventually I found out everything she said was a lie. What shocked me most about it was how she spoke with such conviction in every lie. It was as if she believed her lies.

#6. Mentally/Emotionally Unstable

is she crazy?

crazy. with baby

I asked her about her past relationships. She told me terrible stories of all the terrible things that happened in each one. She told me about domestic violence, and attempted suicide. Since she could never be honest with herself it was ALWAYS someone else who was at fault. Someone else was the reason for every problem and she could not own even one. In the end, she was alone and desperate and willing to do anything to keep me.

Women who try to trick guys into taking responsibility for a baby that is not theirs is more common than I thought.

I foolishly had unprotected sex with a woman I knew was unstable. I used the pull out method but weeks later she was saying she is pregnant and that “it MUST be yours.”

For some guys whether the kid is his or not wont matter. But to a man willing to take responsibility for his actions no matter what… you are the coveted and often over looked “good guy”. She more than likely was in love with a “bad boy” and she will be smart enough by this time to tell the difference so she will see you coming a mile away. I realize that a woman that could pin that kind of responsibility on a guy that is good to her is both ruthless and desperate or just desperately in love and willing to be ruthless. For guys that are willing to do the right thing, just make sure you are not being deceived while you attempt to doing the right thing. And really, if the child is yours but had to question her honesty and faithfulness maybe you want to just care for the child and leave her ass alone.

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