Tallarico talks smack about TechTV and Morgan Webb.

Tommy Tallarico, co-host of G4TechTV's “Judgment Day,” recently came to the defense of his parent channel, saying that the station is “on the way up,” and that its detractors should thank the channel, “for saving any bit of [TechTV] at all.” He also commented on XPlay's Morgan Webb, saying some see her as a “only eye candy.”

First off, I like Tommy Tallarico and the show Judgment Day.  I think he's pretty entertaining… like a midget clown or something!

 I don't watch that show (or ANY other show on G4) on a regular basis.  They're not GEEK enough for me.  Their perversion of the Screen Savers ended any hope I had caring about G4.  Although, I hear that Call For Help will be coming back on the air.

I do think that a lot of people have taken Tallarico's words out of context (at least the part about Morgan Webb's titty to gamer ratio).  He did say that some people were saying that, but maybe it was a tactful way to be tactless. 

According to Leo Laporte, G4 is appearently doing quite well.  I can't find any stats on how their ratings are now compared to TechTV and the merger.

What I do know is the Screen Savers, my favorite show on cable TV (Pre Battle Star Galactica), was shutdown.  I really didn't watch the other TechTV shows as religiously and I wouldn't doubt that Future Fighting Machines had low ratings. 

I hope that some other show will be able to wet my GEEK apetite by talking about hacking and mods and other cool shit like that.  Until then I'm stuck with waiting for Systm, Broken and Shadows to tease me every three months with a 5 minute speed bump.

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TWIT:Macintost goes to Intel, Episode 8 Outline

Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton (Chairman of the board of SlamDance
Industries), Robert Heron (PC Mag and famous lab rat), Kevin Rose,
David Prager (rectal web server installer), Roger Chang (GameSpot),
John C. Dvorack


Recorded on June 5th 05.

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Leo’s .Zip Twit cast at


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Getting the TWIT Cast

Best to get it on BitTorrents

Get Azereus (http://azureus.sourceforge.net/)


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Big media companies will put out Twit for free. 



Macintosh going to Intel chip (according to the Wall Street Journal)

Leo predicts the demise of Macintosh.  Steve Job is falling on his sword

1)      All software has to be rewritten

2)      Why x86?

3)      Osborn effect.  Many Mac products will be obsolete

John C. Dvorack says this trend will last 10 years.  Dvorack: It will be the one of the biggest benefits of Macintosh (offers other very interesting insight into the move)

Patrick – Bigger Market goes to bigger MHZ Numbers.  Great if it makes a cheaper MAC but don’t believe its going to happen

Kevin – Excited about the move.  Apple engineering is excellent.  Now he can game on a Mac.  Thumbs UP.

Heron – First stage of Mac creating competition for Windows.  Thumbs down for hard ware

– With all the 3-d rendering and content creation tools Mac will be
able to retain their fan base by keeping the look and feel of the Mac
on an x86.  Thumbs up for Software Thumbs down for hardware

Is this good for Microsoft?



Patrick Norton talked with Intel– WiMax is still  mostly hype


“WiMax is a microwave replacement for cable or DSL distribution of Broadband” at about 1Mb


Fix WiMax test will start this summer 2005, roll out will begin late 2006, and finally mobile Wireless


ITEM #3 ICANN has approved the XXX domain

The redlight district of the Internet

Really being done with .edu ..gov

Will make it easier to filter


MOBI – cell phone content specific (format)


ITEM #4 Roger on New Games

A bit slow during the summer

Everyone waiting on the new 360 stuff

Next generation of consoles usually causes a dip


ITEM #5 More MacIntel

Roger waiting for Final Cut Pro and compositing /video shaping software




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TWIT Episode 7 Outline

TWIT Episode 5



With Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Robert Heron, Kevin Rose,Dan Huard, Yoshi


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Robert’s 1080P High Definition


ITEM #1 Patrick Going for Darwin Award

Patrick blows his power supply

http://badcaps.net – badcapacitors in mother boards



ITEM #2 Leo’s Tablet PC

Leo hooked on the 1024 X 768 Tablet PC [Pentium M]

T Series from IBM

TWIT’s experience with lap tops


ITEM #3 $15 DSL for 1 year?

One of Leo’s sponsors

What ever happened to Verio? Bought by a Japanese company

Cable Modem vs. DSL



Prolexic, anti DDOSservice, cache content to assist with bandwidthissues

60,000 downloads on bittorrents (approx. 6 Terabytes of datadownloaded)

800+ People in IRC

Kevinrose.com goes to Typepad

Who (from TechTV) is still at G4?


ITEM #5 Trailer for Batman Begins

Kick ass models of the car for Batman

Highly anticipated movie


ITEM #6 Hacker Blackmail

Encrypt companies’ files and force them to pay $200 to dodecrypt

Phishing and Spam

Viagra blinding people

Bill Gates invested in Cialis


ITEM #7 Bittorrents

Systm will continue on Bittorrents

Azureus kicksass

Trackers make it easier for the MPAA to find the Bittorent

2600’s legal battles overDCSS links

IPhantomfull anonymity by filtering all traffic (works like a proxy)



Will run Special FX

TWIT action figures? What’s up, Jinx?

            Yoshi with Kung Fu grip



Taken out file system and other features

No more “my” (i.e. My Computer, My Network)

Will release in 2007



ITEM #10 PENTIUM D (dual core)

Pentium D moving to desktop

AMDX2 Dual core 64 (chip is great on the benchmark tests)

End of the line for Intel?


Lenovo (ChineseGovernment) take over of IBM Personal Computer Division


ITEM #11 MPAA trying to catch pirates

10 surveillance camera on the streets of L.A. to catch DVDpirates

Hi jacking surveillance cameras?  What would the FCC say?


Review of Star Wars Episode III


ITEM #12 Canada Call for Help

Kevin Rose presented his surveillance camera spy device




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An Air Port Security Scanner that can see through myclothes…
















This Week In Tech: Episode 6 Outline

With Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Robert Heron, David
Prager, Roger Chang, Yoshi

Contacting the
Skype handle:
(206) 339-TWIT through K7 (Seattle)
TWIT Blogs


Kevin lost in Canada


Steve Baumer says “google is a one hit wonder
Will Google filter their info for China like Yahoo?
Google Portal
Google maps + Craig’s list = badass
Google Suggest
Google Ride finder
Microsoft employees going to Google
Working at Google Labs

  ITEM #2 David
Prager on 3G

3G system on CDMA back bone
EDVO to do Webserver


Unlimited downloads for $5/mos (sue THAT, RIAA)
Statutory File traders treated worse than child molesters in

Yahoo! Music vs. iTunes
Video iPod?
Wireless headphone, WMA iPod
Hilary Rosen  

 David Prager – Ratings up on Attack of the Show


Roger Chang’s adventures setting up the GameSpot booth at
Xbox 360 infomercial
Nintendo announced the Nintendo “Revolution
Console hype
Xbox 360 (3 3.2GHz + 500MHz ATI) vs. PS3 (Cell Processor
Xbox release this fall
PSP Sales

 TWIT Console Picks
(Xbox 360 or PS3):

Robert Heron PS3
Yoshi Xbox
Roger Xbox (MicroSoft Media extender)
Patrick PS3
Leo Xbox

DVD Wars
Blu Ray in PS3
What will studios put their media content on?

Brendan, MD Will PS3 have iTunes (will it be a media Coverence device), will this be a
threat to Rental services such as Netflix and BlockBuster?

Would have to use storage. 
What storage will PS3
Microsoft’s Strangle hold on online Distribution

Early online release of Revenge of the Sith and resulting success undercut the
MPAA position on online movies?

Star Wars 50mil in first Week!!
Discussion of fans and quality of DVDs

 ITEM #7 QUESTION Dorthy [TWIT icon designer] 10-20 year
vision of technology impacting everyday life (positive and negative)? 

Patrick – Terminator
Roger – Mad Max
   Rich will get Richer and Poor will get Poorer

Robert – Huge TV’s at great prices (Max Headroom?)
   Nano tech very bad or very good
Leo – Biotech will be bigger than


Yosh & Robert
        From the shadows
        Fromtheshadows.tv – real Jedis, wifi mod

Patrick Norton
        [cut the TWIT cast to 8-track and vinyl]

Leo Laporte
        Leo World Tour in Athens,
Ohio [South East     
        Ohio Macromedia
User’s Group]

 Roger Chang
        Still on GameSpot


Leaving G4 to head up small production company and
Kevin’s start on the Screen Savers
Connection with Alex Albrecht
What happened the day they laid off Alex, Yosh and
Why was the Screen Savers name changed to Attack
     of the Show?
What do Leo & Kevin think about Attack of the 
      Show, Kevin Pereira and the G4 crew?

Leo and Kevin Rose covered in Bear grease


All the TWITs have hands in the IPTV
Man never understood tech
Remember Napster

 ITEM #11 IT’S A


The future is here. 
Its just not evenly distributed yet.—William Gibson


 Contacting the

Skype handle:
(206) 339-TWIT through K7 (Seattle)



Is the KitKat Club a Canadian strip club?  Enquiring TWITS want to know.


This Week In Tech: Episode 5 Outline.

Get this podcast at http://www.leoville.tv/bt/

Featuring: Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, Robert Heron, Yoshi Herrerra



Drinking Caffeine

How many TWIT Torrents are being downloaded?

Contribute to the TWIT.  Donation will go toward the new equipment for the next show

Roger Chang & David Prager with E3 Update on Episode 6.


Patrick Norton on Security Updates

Firefox – big updates

Itunes – has buffer overflow

Mozilla 1.4 – mozilla.org/security

Firefox has more exploits than I.E.?  What do the TWITS use? 


Xbox 360

20 Gig hard drive, 3 Powerpc processors + 500MHZ ATI processor

Xbox 360 coverage on Mtv

The TWIT comment on the future gaming systems


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ITEM # 1 – QUESTION: Aaron, Maine Hardware Hacking Resources:

Kevin’s overclocked toothbrush

Aaron asks for TWITS recommendation on Resources


Yoshi gives advice

Google “how to soder”

And other resources will be posted on his blog  


ITEM #2 – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – BITorrent vs. Traditional Broadcasting

Early release of BSG online actually 

         increases fan base!

SourceForce Project – Broadcast

         Machine  (Beta)

Bittorrent to create a “Television

        Station” with your computer


Motion Picture of

       Association of America

       (MPAA) Taking action against


Robert Heron on projector technology and digital delivery systems (1080P)

       Star Wars Revenge of the Sith


ITEM #3 – QUESTION Johnathan, NY –Who will the win in the DVD format wars?  Will the Standard unify into one?

            Remember to turn off your TV

                 before you ask questions, you


            Sony vs. Toshiba (HDDVD vs. Blu


            Multi format drives


ITEM #4 – Leo does best impression of BILL GATES Comments on IPOD

            MP3 player battle (Sony vs. Nokia

                vs. Apple)

            Video IPOD??!!

            Leo played volley ball with Steve


            Apple and Sony flirting


ITEM #5 – QUESTIONS [TWIT Soldier] Philip, AUS – What do I encode with?

            Getting the right bit rates, right

                 resolution and quality

            Nero Divx, XVid and others

Some one needs to hack the PSP

Quicktime Pro (recommended)


ITEM #6 – QUESTION [TWIT Soldier] Ashley, UK – What components do you recommend for building a PC for gaming and high res. Graphics editing?

            Kevin’s picks

            Yoshi’s picks

AMD Mobile

Robert Heron’s builds

Patrick gives advice on purchasing

video card for graphics editing

Magic Bullet plug-in and faster


Awaiting the Direct X upgrade


ITEM #7 – QUESTION [TWIT Soldier] Tristen, ILL – What kind of processor will the computers of the future use?

            Intel’s optical chip proto-type

            Leo on the Play Station 3’s Cell

            Processor, Distributed Processing

and next generation processing


ITEM #8 — QUESTION [TWIT Soldier] Mike, Fl – What is everyone looking forward to at the E3?      

            Roger will give a report on E3 next



ITEM #9 — Release of the Systm – 23rd May Release date


ITEM #10 – QUESTION [TWIT Soldier] Is the PSP worth buying?

            Portable gaming device that is

            highly hackableRead feeds 


This Week in Tech is financed by donation from listeners like you.


The best way to predict the future… invented yourself. – Leo Laporte




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Review of ROTSS Episode 2

I saw episode 2 of the ROTSS which is now called TWIT or This Week in Tech.  I think it is a great show.  It is like the Screen Savers to the 2nd power because you've got Leo Laporte, KRose, Patrick Norton, and Robert Heron (even Dovorak show up, kind of). 

I listened to the podcast right after seeing SystmSystm is great but it doesn't give me the feel of being the Screen Savers.  TWIT definitely delivered.  They talked about Hitch Hiker's Guide the the Galaxy, they talked about the trailer for Serinity.  They went tech and discussed Long Horn and OS X and some old formats that didn't work.  They talked about Digg.com and boxedthoughts.com.  They even took a couple of audio emails.  I am impressed.  I will be surprised if no one picks these guys up to do another Screen Savers like show.  Unfortunately, the best candidate would be G4TV. 

You know I don't have anything bad to say about any of the tech show (Broken, Systm or TWIT).  I guess it would be like a starving man complaining about a cracker.  There is such a void on TV when it comes to actual tech.  Yet its the Information Age and our reliance on computers and the Internet continue to grow exponentially at scary proportions.  It will always amaze me that G4 did not take advantage of the existing market that was held by TechTv.  It has pushed us all completely on line to get the content we crave.  The original crew have really formed a bond with their viewers that is begining to approach Trekie level… o.k. maybe not that crazy.


p.s. thebroken kicks TWITS ASSSS!! They just need to get Leo Laporte on there.  Get Leo in some fly Pimp Gear, put a hoe on each arm and them let him school us on Mac hacking.  That would be the SHIZNIT!

Review of the Systm (the bittoreent)

I'm a huge fan of the old Screen Savers show.  I had recorded
all the last (and in my oppinion) the best Screen Savers shows that
featured the HILARIOUS Alex Albrech and Tech Talented Kevin Rose
The show was out of control.  I laughed out loud on every single
show.  I thought they'd finally established a groove and you could
feel it in the voice and reaction of the fans that were screamed in the
audience and callers. 

And then my wife erased all the files from my DVR which I planned on downloading and keeping forever… Why… Why, honey.

I eventually got over it.  But then out of the
blue G4, fired half the original crew and hired geek gamers
and gear whores from like three other shows.  WTF.  That
asian chick is kinda tasty [some kinda of freaky asian fetish I have]

but those other pukes
make me want to turn off the TV.  Kevin Pereira has become
the face of all things unholy.  For me he represents the end of
the Screen Savers.  I know its not his fault, but someone must
suffer for this atrocity.

What followed was scandalous.  They changed the whole format of the show and nuked Screen Savers
Attack of the Show was born.  It was like seeing Anakin Skywalker
get sedused by the darkside.  I felt betrayed.

But now there is a New Hope.  The first Systm show is pure, unforgiving, hardcore tech.  Kevin Rose and Dan Huard host the show in a smooth, effective rythm that leaves you hungry for more. 

In there first show they talk about WarSpying, something they
covered briefly on the Screen Savers.  These geeks actually tell
you how to create a hand held WarSpying device that you plug into
your car to drive around and pick up unencrypted Video feeds from CCTVs
in peoples homes and commercial establishments.  I will admit I
thought is was Geeked OUT!  But whenever people start breaking out
the soder sucker and microchips my eyes start glazing over. 
Electronics is TOTAL magic to me.  But the message is clear.. get
CCTV, home and commercial security cameras with built in

It was a good show.  Kevin once again shows his amazing skills
in producing quality, quality content leaning toward my one of my
favorite subjects, security.  If you are a fan of the old Screen
Savers and you're a TRUE geek you will love Systm. 

p.s. theBroken kicks Systms ASS, but I ain't one to gossip.. so you ain't heard that from me.


I finally found Cat Schwartz or Kat Shwartz

The reason I haven’t been able to find Cat Schwartz is because I’ve been spelling her name with a “K” Kat Schwartz. My graMARr and speling Good, it is not.

Silly me. Shes at Catschwartz.com [dead and gone]a pretty cool blog hi tech mommy. I feel so empty now that I’ve found you Catherine.

I know I should be happy but the guess I let the obsession of finding you fill me for so long that it began to comfort me. Wait… perhaps I can meet you in REAL life. Just kidding Cat, I’m not really psycho. Or am I?

Contact Cat:


Cat Schwartz Obsession:





Old Cat Schwartz Pictures:



Internet Revolution for old TechTV crew

Something is happening.   G4TV has made the mistake of releasing Mr. Kevin Rose from his contract on “Attack of the Show.”  Kevin is about to go buck wild and cause some sort of Internet revolution by releasing ground breaking HIGH QUALITY technical shows similar to what used to be on TechTV (before it was seduced by the Dark Side).  He is going to be hooking up with some Internet Celebs like:


Leo Laporte

Dan Huard




O.k. all they need now is Alex Albretch (former SAIC employee), Kat Swartz (hottie who seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth) and Lockergnome (don't remember his name but its that guy that used to host Call For Help–man, I hated that show, but Lockergnome has a pretty kick ass site in my useless opinion). 

My only question is how the hell will they get paid.  Donations are cool but I'm not sure if donations alone will pay the light bills.  They shouldn't have a problem though.  Their names alone will get them $100K traffic and thousands of dollars in ads.  That is a winning combination.

This is a comprehensive list of all the most popular TechTV folks and where they are now.  from Redlobo dot com.

Here is Kevin's call to arms:

After several weeks of lawyer negotations with G4, they have agreed to release me from my contract.  Friday May 27th 2005 marks my last day on the G4 network.

I’m leaving G4 so that I can focus on what I love most, in-depth tech content. Starting with today’s premiere release of our new tech HOW-TO show ’Systm,’ we will begin to build a network of technology television programming from the ground up.  While Systm and thebroken will be our two flagship shows, in time, we hope to add more shows to the schedule with former TechTV cast members you all know and love.  All episodes will be released free of charge, in a variety of formats (Theora, Xvid, WMV, H.264, PSP), wrapped in RSS (for vidcasting), and liscensed under the Creative Commons.

How you can help –
– Spread the word: Post in message boards, blog about it, email/IM your friends.  Let anyone and everyone know that tech programming is alive and well.

– Sign up for the newsletter: Ecourage your friends and family to sign up for the systm newsletter so that we can keep you up-to-date with all the latest happenings.

– Help us distribute: Keep your bittorrent lines open after you finished the download.

– Advertise: Get your product or service in front of thousands of geeks!  Email: ads at systm dot org


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