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thailand phone

“66” is the country code for Thailand.  This phone is in Chon Buri (code 33,38).   Thailland codes here:

thailand phone pattaya

thailand phone pattaya

Making international/national calls when in thailand:


Hacker Taps Cell Phone to Stalk Family

A stalker is on the loose — and may be watching and listening in your bedroom, bathroom or office meeting.

Just ask Tim Kuykendall, whose cell phone provided a portal through which a hacker gained access to the most intimate details of his life, recording family members’ conversations and snapping pictures of what they were wearing.

“We’ve had [times] where I’m having a conversation in my home and I get a voice mail and the conversation’s replayed; received a phone call or even checked my voice mail from a message and while I push ‘OK’ to listen to [it] I’m hearing a conversation going on in the living room between my daughter and my wife,” he told FOX News.

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