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ps4 error SU-34311-2

My recently purchased PlayStation 4 is not booting into the operating system.  Instead, it prompts me to update the software to 2.3.  When I try to update the the ps4, it gives me an error:  ps4 error SU-34311-2

I could not get in contact with Sony PlayStation (maybe due to the HUGE hack that just hit them -2014).  So I decided to take it back to Walmart.  The moral of this story is to GET the WARRANTY!

ps4 storage error

ps4 storage error



ps4 error SU-34311-2

ps4 error SU-34311-2

HP0-M54 ArcSight ESM Security Analyst

History of ArcSight ESM Security Analyst Certification:

HP0-M54 ArcSight ESM Security Analyst (aka HP Technical Certified II – ArcSight Security Analyst 2012) took the place of ArcSight Certified Security Analyst (ACSA) aka ArcSight ESM Security Analyst (AESA).  The confusion on certification names comes from the acquisition of ArcSight by HP in 2010.  ArcSight had already created a certification for the ESM (admin and analyst), but once HP took it, they started to integrate it into their ExpertOne certifications.

I have noticed that companies look for the old ACIA/ACSA when they want an ArcSight certified professional not knowing that that cert no longer exists.


HP ArcSight ESM ArcSight Prerequisites:

To pass this exam, you should have at least 6 months experience using ArcSight ESM or successfully completed ArcSight ESM Security Analyst training. Exams are based on an assumed level of industry-standard knowledge that may be gained from the training, hands- on experience, or other pre-requisite events. You should also be knowledgeable about Common security devices and their functions, such as IDS & firewalls; network device functions, such as routers, switches, hubs, etc.; TCP/IP functions, such as CIDR blocks, subnets, addressing, communications, etc.; Basic Windows operating system tasks & functions; Possible attack activities, such as scans, man in the middle, sniffing, DoS, etc and possible abnormal activities, such as worms, Trojans, viruses, etc.; SIEM terminology, such as threat, vulnerability, risk, asset, exposure, safeguards, etc.; Security directives, such as Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability.

HP ExperOne does not list the Objectives for this cert for some reason (standard LACK of HP taking on too much business with too little staff IMHO).  Anyway, after taking this certification just make sure you have experience with each of the ArcSight Console Resources.  You should use each until you understand them because questions are about the resources.

How to take the HP0-M54 ArcSight Admin Cert

That certification can be taken through Pearson VUE.  You have to get an account with HP ExpertOne first.  HP issues an “HP Learner ID”

The test cost about 250USD and has about 75+ questions.

There are so many braindumps articles and “products” for this certification.  Its really unfortunate that HP has not done more to make this certification more relevant since ArcSight is the top SIEM in the world (circa 2014).  HP is trying but sometimes it seems they have more products and services than they can handle.  They did recently update HP0-M54 so thats positive.

If you are planning on taking this certification, you should think about NOT doing braindumps.  Get some actual experience with the product.  You can downloaded it for a free trial and play with it.  If you want to make money in as an ArcSight subject matter expert you will have to put in some real time and effort.  The test will not do anything for you without experience.






Net Neutrality in the US: Now What?

Net Neutrality Explained:


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6 Tips on Working Abroad and Avoiding Recruitment Fraud

6 Tips to Get Work Abroad and Avoid Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud is a fairly common type of fraud that hits many overseas workers looking to stay in another country to have a decent income.  Many overseas filipino workers, for example, are affected by recruitment fraud.  They are offered what sounds like a good opportunity for work, but to start they the process they are asked to pay a fee.  After paying the fee they find out the job is not real.



 Here are some tips to avoid recruitment fraud:

 1. Do not give any amount or a placement fee as some of them are fake unregistered agencies. Agencies provide the tickets and accommodations abroad for countries such as Middle East, Singapore, UK and US.  While some companies and countries do require a placement fee you should double check the company and laws of that particular country.  If you must pay a fee, get a receipt.

 2. Re-check the license of the agency you are applying for if it exists in Philippine Overseas Employment Association, POEA or other national overseas agencies that keep track of the licenses.

3. Do not settle for a tourist visa for working purposes because it can get you in trouble abroad. There is some risk to working on a tourist visa.  Some countries may be strict on how certain visa are used.  Some filipinos are punished, deported and/or imprisonment.

4. Read papers carefully before signing the contracts. Whatever agreements are stated in the contracts regardings policies and salary matters can be use for future circumstances.

 5.  Check your passport.  Make sure your passport is legitimate.  It should have at least 6 months before it expires.  Resist the temptation of trying to “game the system” with fake visa or passport.  Anyone using a fake identity may be caught by authorities and face charges of imprisonment, deportation or be banned from other countries for a period of time.

6. Make sure all documentations submitted to the agency are processed to avoid delays, job cancellation and other problems upon leaving the country.


Working abroad can be very rewarding.  After all the paperwork and medical evaluations you might have to do, if you land a good job overseas it can be great.  Just double check documentations to make sure you don’t get caught up in recruitment fraud and don’t neglect the process and procedures that the country requires you to do.


System Recovery Disc 系统恢复光盘

System Recovery Disc 系统恢复光盘

This article has a brief description on how to create a Windows System Recovery disc.

This article has a brief description on how to create a Windows System Recovery disc (aka 系统恢复光盘).

What is the use of a System Recovery disc?


The disc contains Windows Recovery tools. It helps to restore the old setup of your computer before it started getting viruses and errors.


1. Click Start and select Control Panel.

2. Click System Maintenance or System Security.



3. Under System and Security, Select Back up and Restore

4.  On the left upper portion , Select Create a system repair disc (System Recovery Disc) and insert a blank CD disc .

5. Browse and choose the drive with the CD drive and Hit Create



6. Wait for some time to finish creating , label and keep your System Recovery disc for future needs.

uninstall avg

The AVG secure search toolbar seems to appear out of nowhere and its annoying.  Its annoying because you probably did not want it.  AVG is a legitimate anti-virus software, but its search/homepage hijack is a bit pushy.  I prefer a search engine without AVG on my Chrome browser.

Luckily, AVG allows you to get rid of it in a few clicks.

uninstall avg

Select “Restore default new tab” in the far right-hand corner.

Uninstall avg search

Uninstall avg search

Upon selecting “Restore default new tab” you will be led to “AVG security toolbar settings”.  Deselect “Show AVG Secure Search Box on new tabs in the browser” then select “OK”.

After that, you will need to close the application and reopen it.



Where to find a job: Call Center Support

Working as a Call Center Agent
In every profession we choose no matter what it may be there are always a pros and cons. One of the pros of working at a technical support call center is that it does not require any certification from school or degree. In the Philipines, the age limit is 18 years old above. As long as you can speak English very well and know how to use a computer, you are qualified.

Once you are hired, most call center companies conduct a free training. This training can take two to three months. Once the training is complete you can work either as technical support or customer service representative.

Career Promotion
Promotion is this industry is not hard, as long as you are knowledgeable of the position and have performed well in your previous position, promotion is possible. Depending on the company, you can get promoted in as early as 6 months unlike other regular day jobs where you have to be employed for 5 years or more to be considered for a higher position.

Technical Support Rep
In my current job I work as a technical support representative at one of the most competitive companies here in the Philippines they provide telecommunication and Internet connection, so my task is to receive a calls everyday assisting customers every time they have a concern regarding on their Internet connection or their telephone connection. We assist in basic computer troubleshooting in order to restore the customers connection, however when we cannot restore the connection, we do reports to make a coordination to our field technicians to check their connection thru outside facility like in the network or either in the cables in our outside facility.

Its nice to serve the customer in some way. But unfortunately we receive calls from very upset or irate subscribers who have not had their connection restored in a long time. Customers also get upset about recurring problems with their Internet connection. After a couple of days of having no connection or bad connection the customer wants to call and take their anger out of the Technical Support Rep.

Sickness & Health
Certain illness can have an effect on Technical Support calls. But in a large technical support center you cannot leave your station even if you have illness like Laryngitis, Tonsillitis, Kidney problem or UTI. You can go to the restroom during your break time and you have to work even during holidays and most specially if the account, project or program pulls out their business from your company, you will either be forced to resign or to transfer to another account.

Background of the Study for Student Record System

The ever changing trend in technology brought the necessity for the automation of everything from paper-and-pen based to absolute computer domination. The overwhelming emergence of computers paved way to easier access of information that leads to increased production, efficiency and reliability.

The increasing urbanity of modern information system allows the information and communication technologies to be utilized in different actions. In fact, the educational institutions are one of the leading users of computer applications in order to manage student data.

Student Record System (SRS) is a computer application that deals with the generation, collection, organization, storage, retrieval and dissemination of recorded knowledge. SRS provide capabilities for entering student information, building a student record and managing other student related data needs in the school.

In the light of recent high profile cases there is increased emphasis being placed on all institutions to be able to demonstrate good record management. The effective management of records ensures sound decisions based on full, accurate and up-to-date information and by ensuring that the underlying principles behind those decisions can be traced, scrutinized and justified as necessary.

This breakthrough gave way to the development of databases which became useful for storing data for important information.
In the development of database management system, the organization of storage of data was prioritized. A DBMS controls the creation, maintenance and use of the database storage structures of educational institutions of their users. It allows institutions to place control of institution wide database development in the hands of Database Administrators (DBAs) and other specialists.

An SRS provide the following benefits:
1. It helps facilitate decisions about courses students should take and assist with problems that may arise
2. It assist with monitoring accountability and future planning
3. It helps teachers make instructional decisions and to obtain specific information that may assist in working with a student
4. It helps evaluate the success of various programs in a certain curriculum

Where To Find a Job (part 1)

It is 2011 and the economy is still limping along. Despite the slump in economic prosperity around the word, there is still a demand for jobs. Here are some tricks that have allowed me to not be affected at all by the recession.

I have put together a quick list of 5 things I have done to get jobs quickly.

1) Advertise yourself! – Post your resume on,,, Create a blog and talk about your industry.

There are a few job search engines that allow you to search the web for decent jobs in ANY career field. And these sites are equal or better than

2) Use keywords related to the field on your resume and put in online – Employers searching through resumes are focusing on keyword/phrases.

3) Talk to job recruiters – Employers often use job recruiters to find workers. So, these recruiters have constant access to many different opportunities.

4) Check the current trend in your industry – Be aware of what is going on in the industry you are in. Use to search keywords

5) Be willing to travel & negotiate travel – being willing to give a little to an employer can make you more attractive to an employer.

Google to Provide the World’s Social Network

Google is no Joke!!

Google+ seems to bring everything together. All Google’s products and services are being reigned in the the power of +You.

For example, if you use Googles Picasa, Google+ enhances the service by fully integrating the content of Picasa into the their social network. If you use Android, you’ll be able to take a picture, load it into Picasa, then make it available to your “Circle” in Google+. The name Picasa supposedly changing to Google Photos but for now its just a rumor.

Other fully integrated services and products include (but are not limited to): Gmail & Youtube.

Facebook has some major competition brewing!