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To Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman,

As former Director of the Institute of Politics located at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and former Secretary of Agriculture, I must assume that you are a very rational (obviously) well educated and disciplined man.

So why is it that, as the Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture and Association of America, you have your ENTIRE orgainization “ice skating up hill.” 

Now honestly, I know that you are trying to protect your companies investment (movies are no doubt one of Americas most powerful exports), I know there is a great loss from piracy, but using litigation to stop this the water main leak of profit currently hitting your organization is like putting a band aid on a freshly gushing decapitation.

Mr. Glickman, I am merely an ignorant savage, your high profile corporate world scares and confuses me, but even I can see that your tactics are not going to scare ANYONE but the helpless middle-class American family you are sucking the life out of.

Surely, you have an army of elite lawyers and brilliant media executives who have enough sense to tell you that you should TAKE ADVANTAGE of the marketing potential and reach that the Internet and all its myriad technologies (i.e. P2P).  Surely this has crossed your mind!  The time to move is NOW.  Do not waste your time trying to “piss out this forest fire.”

There is a revolution happening with information in which the power is being place right in the hands of the people.  You have in your control one the most sought after bits of information. You are in a position to not only profit greatly but to change the world (in a great way).  But instead you seek to slice your own corporate wrists with petty lawsuits adding to the growing disease of lawyers panhandling for cases.. which has become an American pandemic. 

I'm not saying that you should not protect your investment.  Some lawsuits are totally justified.  I'm simply saying be proactive and MUCH less reactive. 

I know that the ghost of Christmas future is not going to appear in your room tonight and convince you to stop the lawsuits, I know you are not going to wake up and give Tiny Tim a hug.  This is not a Dicken's novel.  You are going to go George W. on our asses!  You are going stay the course no matter what (even if it means $200Billion to prove your point). You are going to lose millions and millions of dollars until you are FORCED to stake you claim on the 'Net. 

If I know you will not change your mind on this issue even if you did read this, why do I waste away as 11PM MST to write something that will likely only ever be skimmed by a couple of completely uninterested geeks?

Well… I guess I'm just trying to understand human nature, one of my favorite pass times.

From the outside looking in, the movie industry looks like a giant corporation who is completely out of touch with the average American. 

I think you do understand that there is money to be made on the Internet, but your just going about it the wrong way:

“The movie industry is committed to working with the technology sector
to find innovative new ways to deliver entertainment to consumers,”
MPAA president Dan Glickman said in a statement during involvement  with  Internet2.

Hopefully, you will make the right decision.

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