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LAMP lights the way in open-source security

The most popular open-source software is also the most free of bugs, according to the first results of a U.S. government-sponsored effort to help make such software as secure as possible.

The more I work with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) the more I love it.  For Blogging, Content Management Systems and the like that combination is UNTOUCHABLE, like Eliot Ness.  I'm begining to realize that there is not much that it can not do on the web.  If you your read the article though there is on important note about LAMP:

“There is one caveat: PHP, the popular programming language, is the only component in the LAMP stack that has a higher bug density than the baseline, Coverity said.”

That sucks because PHP is my favorite part of LAMP.  I know MySQL is extremily impressive being a free database that is superior to previous versions of Oracle (not sure about current), but databases continue to be something I am not comfortable with messing around with.

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