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Hacking World of Worldcraft

Social Engineering a N00b Party

I had a level 11 Mage.  My level 20 friend (who happened to be female) was teaching me how to play the game.  Some level 43 guy started hitting on my escort.  Feeling playful, I challenged him to a duel.  He turned his back on me while I threw blows for like 10 minutes and had no effect. 

One spell did work though, Polymorph (only for about 5 seconds though).  I turned him into a sheep.  This must have really pissed him off because what he did next was devious.

He finally finished me off and then quickly made friends with our two person party.  He hung out with us for a little while, the whole time flirting with my friend.  Then he told her that I was talking shit about her to him on whisper mode.  Not true at all.  But worked.  She got really mad and disband from the party.

He tried to do other stuff to my character but I was just a trial account so all he had left to do was laugh at me: “Ha Ha I just scored with your friend.”

Here is a pretty good article addressing some cool hacks (cheats) that have been done on WoW.  The article is on theRegister and its called, Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge

change a character’s X, Y and Z coordinates to give the illusion of flying or move to a more advantageous location

Automated Spawn Camping – code to automate a character’s task of camping outside a cave in wait of monsters and stabbing them when they appear. A player who runs the bot shortly before going to bed can awake to find the character has pocketed plenty of gold left behind by the felled beasts.

Create bot characters that can send you IMs to your cell phone


*atchung: some hacks such “spawn camping” will get you labeled a filthy cheater, a taboo as untouchable in the world of online gaming as a pedophile or 18th century horse thief.  hack at your own filty risk.