FCC Commissioner: US playing “Russian roulette with broadband and Internet”

 Micheal Copp of the FCC Commissioner made a great point at the YearlyKos convention

Most American probably think that everything is fine with American broadband, but the truth is we are WAY behind.  And its is due to big business’ strangle hold on the growth and proserity of our access to the Internet.  There seems to be a “price collusion” between Verison, AT&T, Comcast and other major broadband/telecos in which they keep the prices at a certain level and block out smaller competition. 

I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy, but I think they’ve gotten so powerful that they are able to sway federal, state and local government policy in their favor by sending their lobbyists with million dollar warchest.

“In a speech at the YearlyKos convention, [Micheal] Copps spoke like a man with a fire in his guts. He’s proud of America but “worried” by the path that it has gone down with respect to broadband Internet and media consolidation, which he sees as ideas joined at the hip.

In both cases, “a small number of corporate gatekeepers” now control the public’s access to information, an arrangement that threatens to “invert the democratic genius of the Internet.” When the Internet first exploded onto the scene, people hailed it as a revolutionary communications tool that would allow for the creation of a truly democratic media in which anyone with a message could get the word out to others. Now, Copps notes that most connections to the Internet are controlled by massive corporations who seem eager to prevent any neutrality safeguards from being placed on the networks they manage.”