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Where to buy the Nook

On my search for the most cost effective tablet/e-reader, I found the Nook. You can buy the Nook at Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart and of course, online. The best thing about the Nook (aside from the ability to hack the tablet) is that Barnes & Nobles has more than 2 million books. It can also access the Amazon Kindle market.

What is the Nook

The Nook is an e-reader (also known as an electronic book or tablet) from Barnes & Noble. It is a computer that uses the Android operating system. It has on board internal flash memory, accepts microSD flash memory cards, rechargeable, and replaceable lithium-ion polymer batteries. The screen and connectivity depend on the type of device:

-Nook Wifi
-Nook Color
-Nook Simple Touch

Nook Review

There are many types of ebook readers. If you are wondering where the Nook ranks among its peers, you’ll find it is top 10 in many of the most respected tech sites:
6th on ZD Net Top 10 tablets
4 out of 5 stars from CNET’s review of only 5 Android based tablets deemed the best
2nd among 5 Top e-Readers on PCWorld

The Nook is definitely not the most powerful e-reader on the market, but is arguably the best for the price you pay.

a nook

for everyone!! So far, I love the Nook. I take it everywhere.

If you didn’t know, you can also hack

the Nook Color

without voiding the warranty!! Basically, you put and Android image on an sd Card and boot the nook from the card. This allows you to go beyond the limited Nook app market that has just started and get full access to the Android App market on your Nook Color. The Android app market is set to become the largest in the world (2011). You can still use the Nook Color App once you are on Android. Its a Nook Reader app that has the same features as the default Nook application that the Nook Color comes with.

more on how to boot into Android on the nook color.

nook ebooks

Nook allows you to read pdfs gives access to discounted Barnes & Nobles ebooks as well as Kindle and google ebooks. This puts literally millions of ebooks within your reach. These days I only go into book stores and libraries to see what ebooks I should get for my Nook. Publishing has changed forever.