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Drupal 5.1 is pretty bad ass

I’ve loaded up Drupal 5.1 on one of my blogs and I am very impressed.  I’ve always like drupal for is swiss army knife of content management systems.  It is superior to most content management systems by it is FREE!  

I’ve messed around with Expression Engine and Joomla and Drupal wins over both of them.  Joomla is pretty and Expression Engine is gorgeous in design and implemenation making it easier for web designers, but Drupal has been around longer and has all kinds of cool tools. 

One thing that is rather consistently sucky about all CMS’s is that it is difficult to get your content off of them and on to WordPress or Typepad.  Content transfer is very important to me, because I like to try different things.  I’ve lost content on Drupal because I simply could get the stuff out of their without a whole lot of copy and paste. 

Drupal 5.1 is much easier to implement than some of the older versions of Drupal.  The designs are also much better.  Drupal has the open source, linuxy, mysql, do it yourself feel that I really like, however there is the a “cost to be the boss”.  The geek factor required on Drupal is something many people don’t want to deal with.  An I must admit there are times when I just want to post a blog, not figure out why I’m getting some sql error cause by some new tool I just added.