I have been chatting online and he calls but has to hang up. At first I received loads of sweet nothings in my ear to good to believe. It was fascinating but I figured it out when the person wanted money to pay for his goods in Nigeria before he could board the plane. He wanted $450 because they told him he couldn’t pay with a money order there. I then realized it was a scam when I told him I couldn’t help him. He immediately emailed me after I said I accused him of being a scam artist and told me to go to hell. He changed his personality fast. I still keep trying to chat with him to tell him to get honest work and stop this insanity. He kept asking for the money. I never gave it to him. He is very persistent. This ordeal may take awhile to get him to realize his dilemma he is in. I guess people don’t learn quick. He goes by honestcare02 on and by Henry Cole, You are forewarned

scammer on dating site BBPeople

This is in regards to a guy going by Dale Smith – email address says he is from New jersey – met on BBPeople Meet Says he is electrical engineer in Nigeria doing a job worth hundreds of thousands but needs 1200.00 to rent a peice of equipment. Thuis guy over two or three days tells you he is in love with you destined to be together talks about the bible and God in ramblings ( 1st clue)
that he is not normal then tries to scam you. I let him play it out for 2 days as it was getting really funny but he will do it again. I reported to BBPeople meet and his account is not deactivated but he will resurface somewhere else. Says he is a widow with a 15 year old daughter

From what I have read he has scamed on Senior People Meet as well

Beware of this guy

This guy is operating on the BBPMEET
under 3 different profiles using the same picture
abraham 0971
Same guy, different locations, same profile watch for email address of I have reported him to bbpmeet

romance scam

My friend was involved in a nigerian romance scam. She called herself Natasha wilson, said she was from South Africa. Her email is She also uses the names Agnes Brew, Carolyn Hernan, and Gina Henry. She uses the pics of Samantha Gauge, a porn star. She is good, or probably a he, she took my friend for thousands.

online dating scam and fraud

Be careful of online dating site scams and fraud. They are loaded with false profiles that are meant to deceive you and take your money. They cast a large net to catch their victims. Dating scammers place fake profiles on scores of dating sites at once so they can play this game with many people at once.

Profile Bait.
How can you tell which profiles are fake? There are a few things you should be suspicious of:
– 1) The profile picture looks like a centerfold. If the profile picture looks like a model, be suspicious. Of course there are very beautiful REAL people out there on the dating sites, but be aware that scammers steal these types of pictures and use them to suck people in.
– 2) The person says they are on a business trip in Nigeria. Most of the date scammers (certainly not all) are from this country. Its unfortunate, but in this case profiling is very necessary. Be suspicious!
– 3) Free account. Since scammers are on several sites it would not be cost effective for them to pay for any memberships on the numerous dating sites they are on, the scammers will only use the free standard membership that most dating sites offer.

How they get close.
Once you take the “profile bait” and send them a message, they don’t waste anytime getting close to you. They’ll immediately go after your personal email address. If you have gotten this far, more than likely you will give them what they want. That is were the real deception begins.

Tell tale signs that you are in contact with a dating scammer:
– 1) I love you too quick. They will waste little time with building a relationship or finding out more about you. Before you’ve told the story of you, they will say things that are unusually affectionate for someone you just met.
– 2) Bad Grammar. Many of the online dating scammers have an elementary school level grasp of English grammar. They will have little or no regard for the rules of writing English.

They will tell you a story of who they are, where they come from in hopes of getting your interest. Then they’ll ask about you. They want to know who you are, what you do, where you are.

The photo set
They will typically seal the deal with a set of photos of the same beautiful person you saw on the profile:

Online dating scam (photo)

Online dating scam (photo)

Online dating scam 1

Online dating scam 1

Online dating scam 2

Online dating scam 2

Online dating scam 3

Online dating scam 3

Ask for money.
Once the online dating scammer feels they have you, they will begin the second phase of their deception. They will give you some reason that they need money. Reasons I have seen are:
-They need money for a ticket to come see you
-Their mother, child, grandparent is dying and needs your help
-They fell upon hard times and need a few dollars to get them through

At this point you should be terminating all communications with this person. They will not be satisfied with you purchasing the plane ticket yourself and sending the link, they will want you to wire money directly to them via Western Union using a MTCN, Money Tranfer Control Number.

With the popularity of online dating, scams and fraud are an epidemic. While I would not disagree that these people are the lowest forms of life, I would say that we (the victims) are at least partially responsible. The reason that they are able to do this over and over is that we are not giving them the same level of scrutiny we would with strangers we’ve just met in offline life. We are so absorbed in our own hopes and dreams of some perfect mate that we eat their BS right up. We are funding their ability to continue to scam people all over the world. It must stop. Do NOT give these people money.

If you are looking for real relationships online, here are some good resources on how to make it happen!

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

sandra real or (sandia)

This Girl got a hold of me through I was floored by that fact that she came on like a good christain didn’t get any money from but tried she said she wanted to take it to the next step”to hear my voice”Wanted money for a calling card.she sent pics of her self i could post them if like just don’t want any to be taken…for god know what and i guess these are the goats jesus was talking about..

nigerian marriage scammer



state: LAGOS




MOBILE :+2348034472979

This man tried to trick my disabled daughter into marrying him and sending money to him. When thwarted he threatened to kidnap her.

Internet Dating Scam

Dating Scammers are parasites residing in EVERY dating site. They prey on the emotional vulnerable for your money.

I originally started for computer & Internet security issues. I found a few useful techniques on preventing and recovering from malware. After getting scammed I got interested in the helping people avoid fraud. I have found that people all over the world have the same experience I have had with these scams.

One of the biggest scams on the Internet right now are dateing scams. Scammers seem to be having great success on the dating sites and judging from what readers have submitted to this site, I believe it has to do with two primary factors:
1) Dating sites limited ability to stop scammers
2) Members of dating sites giving lots of money to scammers

Essentially, these two factors enables Internet date scams to exist and do fairly well.

The good news is that many of the major dating sites are doing better about informing their members of the date scam pandemic. Dating sites are beginning to for put up messages before they allow members to send any message to other members. Internet dating sites are also much better about discovering false profiles and shutting them down. They have begun to allow the users the ability to spot scammers and report them immediately.

The challenge is that anyone can create a false profile. Even legitimate members can create a fictitious profile and there is nothing that can stop them, however scammers can be easily identified by their practice of mass messaging hundreds of members over and over from a false profile. The success of Internet Dating scams are dependent on their ability to cast a wide net for profile phishing for the most emotionally vulnerable members of multiple dating sites.

Even with all the scammers and fraud, dating sites are still quickly becoming the best way to find a life partners. The caution that I would offer to members of dating sites is to take things slow and be VERY suspicious of anyone asking for money online also remember that most of the scammers are from Ghana, Nigeria and Russia but that is not to say they can not come from anywhere in the world.

Yahoo/Facebook Scam

Kloe Sanders on face book. email is which is also frank ememekwe email on and his profile on facebook is frank makeway ememekwe.

Kloe sanders profile

Person said they mother is sick in nigeria and that is about to die, then she died and they have no way of geting back to the united states. They need help. then they want marriage papers and they need 900 to get the marriage licence and papers so they can get hold of the property that was left to them by they dead mother. They got left on the street when mother died have no surviving relatives father is so called white and mother nigerian, mother was hit by a car brother was also killed by a car.

She said she was living with a friend and now the friend is in hospital after a really bad car accident and she got evicted from the place and now lives in a room in an internet cafe.

I have sent money to help her out via western union and today i called the number from my work phone and a man answered I said frank and he said yes wassup. I hanged up and now will report this to everyone out there.

Scammer Alert!

Do NOT engage in any contact with someone going by the name of Harry Ray Anderson.. e-mail address I met him on my Typical profile.. posted fake pictures, very nice-looking ones I might add, and of course, he was on a business trip in Nigeria. Didn’t wait long to ask for money.. told me everything I wanted to hear. Turned out he was scamming another woman he was speaking to for about 6 months.. took $2,000 from her. Report this S.O.B. as soon as possible if you come across his path. Bastard.. >:o(

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