google’s Safe Browsing Alerts

The all seeing eye of Google is upon Safe browsing and and alerts for your network. I think this is proof that Google is not “evil” as some say. Some believe that Google is “evil” just because they want to organize all of the worlds data. To this I say, “stop, hatin’!”

Google has taken steps toward protecting is users from malware and phishing attacks by alerting webmasters of malicious content and bad URLs.

Now Google offers a service for Network Administartors that allows system owners to receive early notifications for malicious content on their network. Its called “Google Safe Browsing Alerts“. As an example of how powerful this can be, imagine an Internet Service Provider have such a service.

I can already hear the “nayers of google” crying, “what about the privacy of the networks and your users?” To this I say, “SHUT THE HELL UP!” Google loves you. Google died for your sins. Repent, for the kingdom of Google is at hand.

That is all.

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