Drupal 5.1 is pretty bad ass

I’ve loaded up Drupal 5.1 on one of my blogs and I am very impressed.  I’ve always like drupal for is swiss army knife of content management systems.  It is superior to most content management systems by it is FREE!  

I’ve messed around with Expression Engine and Joomla and Drupal wins over both of them.  Joomla is pretty and Expression Engine is gorgeous in design and implemenation making it easier for web designers, but Drupal has been around longer and has all kinds of cool tools. 

One thing that is rather consistently sucky about all CMS’s is that it is difficult to get your content off of them and on to WordPress or Typepad.  Content transfer is very important to me, because I like to try different things.  I’ve lost content on Drupal because I simply could get the stuff out of their without a whole lot of copy and paste. 

Drupal 5.1 is much easier to implement than some of the older versions of Drupal.  The designs are also much better.  Drupal has the open source, linuxy, mysql, do it yourself feel that I really like, however there is the a “cost to be the boss”.  The geek factor required on Drupal is something many people don’t want to deal with.  An I must admit there are times when I just want to post a blog, not figure out why I’m getting some sql error cause by some new tool I just added. 

Over 15,000 Comments

I’m getting thousands of comment spam.  Way to many to sort through.  Its too bad to because comments used to be one of my favorite things about blogs. 

I’ll have to mass delete them.  Before I was using Akismet.  It was working pretty good against spam until my SQL comment table got corrupt.  I had to go into the MySQL database and clear out all the data.  Since I didn’t back up, it delete all my old comments. 

I guess I’ll have to turn Akismet back on again.

Why Subdomain Hosting is Bad

“A quick look at why offering non-reseller subdomain hosting is a bad idea and can expose your passwords to malicious hostees.”

I’m glad I stubbled across this. I was going to host on WordPress Mu, but now I think I’ll stick with Blogware until I can lock down WPMU. WordPress is a superior product (more intuitive, better SEO design ect) But WPMU is just too new. I don’t feel comfortable having a buch of customers on such a shake, new system. I will likely host my own set of blogs on it until all the major bugs are worked out.

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What are Social Bookmarks?

What are Social Bookmarks?

A social bookmark is a link created by a web user that is categorized and viewed by the public. If you have ever had bookmarks at work and moved to a new job and wanted access to your old links then you will immediately understand the signifigance of the social bookmarks. They offer a way in which users can access their bookmarks from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a way for users to have control over the classification of those bookmarks.

Social bookmark buttons on a blog are especially powerful. These are buttons on a blog and/or website that allow readers to submit articles they like to Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit and other socially moderated bookmarking/news/feed sites at the click of a button. Readers will also be able to add articles to feed readers such as Google Reader, My Yahoo! and Bloglines. This is a great way to advertise as each link from another site (known as a back link) will give more ranking on search engines. It also allows for something known as social marketing optization.

3spots at Blogspot has one of the most comprehensive posts on social bookmarking and code for blogger, wordpress and Typepad/MoveableType!




Nature Publishing Groups. Social Bookmarking Tools (I).

Why Social Bookmarking and Service Links: Social Market Optimization

Why Service  Links?
Service links are the little buttons you see on blogs that allow the user to submit your article to your online bookmarking account.
      Consider  Social Marketing Optimization (SMO)The best  thing about these service links is social marketing optimization. Social        marketing  optimization is where you allow your readers some control of the ranking,  content or look of your site.  Service Links allows your readers to show their  approval of your content by bookmarking it or saving it in their own accounts  across the web.  These accounts, such as Del.icio.us, actually publish all        user content to the web for all to see. The reader also chooses the labels  associated with your content and exposes that same content to like minded  readers who may have been previously unaware of your presence.  SMO is allowing  your readers to syndicate your content, that is what service link do.  This is the current direction of the World Wide Web (Pakii/SMO).

For more information on Social Marketing Optimization check out Mr. T.L. Pakii's site on the subject: Blogging for Fun and Profit/SMO!

Schools Crack Down on Students' Blogs

“Some schools are punishing students for things written on their personal Web pages, raising questions about how far a principal's oversight should reach.”

This sounds like a privacy issue. 

“It's inappropriate that they're telling my daughter how to behave when she's not at school,” said Joseph Iacovacci, Ms. Iacovacci's father, of the Web posting. “It was such a violation of the First Amendment.” 

I must agree with the parent.  I do believe that there has to be some kind of control.  But that control should be done through the parent.

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Dvorak's Blog Spam Fix

Dvorak gets no spam, now he gets no blog spam. 

But my spam problems have just begun:
I started getting nailed with casino, porn and commercial site spam.  They trackback promoting Disney Trips, penis enlargements or, my favorite, Texas Holdem.  I still get a few spam links about every few weeks or so.  And I'm currently getting and giving traffic to a casino site.. and I haven't figured out how that is happening.  I'm sure these bastards are usings some kind of software to locate vulnerable (anonymous accepting) blogs and nuke them.  I've had to terminate my anonymous comments and I'm thinking of shutting down my Trackbacks.  I also blocked a few repeat offenders.  For me, that is unfortunate because the interaction (free comments, links to and from relevant sites of many different oppinions) is the coolest thing about blogs.  Blog innocence has come and gone over night.

Appearently, Marc Perkel at ctyme.com has found a way to get rid of all spam providing you are using apache and on word press.

He does it with this code:

< location /blog/wp-comments-newpost.php >
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^.*dvorak.org/.*
RewriteRule ^.* http://www.ctyme.com/comment-spam.html
< /location >

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