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Affiliate Link How to – CupidMedia (part a)

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Affiliate Link How to – CupidMedia (part b)

Looking for a good dating site? Try cupid Media: (filipinocupid) (Latin American Cupid)

If you want to create your own dating affiliate links try CupidMedia:

In this video I demonstrate how to create a cupidmedia affiliate account and post them on your Youtube channel.

What Does it Mean To Poke Someone on Facebook

What Does it Mean To Poke Someone on Facebook? Its a button that allows you to send a sort of digital wave to someone else on facebook. That is it.
But apparently you can be arrested for it in certain situations.

For example, Mrs. Shannon D. Jackson violated a legal order of protection that had been filed against her when she sent a facebook poke to the person under legal protection. I am not sure if she thought this would be a funny joke or what, but whatever the case, she probably wasn’t laughing when she was sent to arrested. So if you are ever in Hendersonville, Tennessee with a legal order of protection you may want to reconsider poking anyone lest you end up getting poke in jail for merely picking up dropped soap.

2009 – ABC story on Facebook poke

Find an IT Security Jobs

So do you have any suggestions for someone starting out in IT Security? What certifications, knowledge, training, forums, do you suggest? They will pay for the A+ cert, Network + and Security + certification. Do you have any suggestions for someone just starting out in security? After CompTia what should I focus on. Although I’m not sure yet of my final career goals, I’d like to first get a job very quickly in IT security, hopefully with the government, state, or any local government; when I say quick I mean within the next few weeks Thanks Rob for whatever info you can suggest


If you want a job fast I would suggest checking out I would also put my resume out on, if you have not already done so. If you want a security job the security+ is the way to go, but also consider doing a search on monster and simplyhired to look at the skills and certifications that employers are looking for. Pay particular attension to keywords and phrases that they are using. You will know the keywords/phrase because they are repeated in nearly every resume for your chosen career path and/or job title.

How I get Jobs Fast
For example, in my career “system security engineer” and “information security officer” I see the following keywords/phrases over and over: security clearance, cissp, 8500, diacap. If noticed that when I have these keywords on my resume, I get calls almost DAILY from all over the US. Here is how you can do the same:
1) Find a good job title that fits what you do or what you want to do
2) Do a search for that job title [use google,,, or any other search engine/job database]
– Read through the job results and try to find keywords/phrases that seem to be in most or all of the jobs listed
3) Try to get as many of the applicable keywords/phrases in your resume
– Either have the skills required for the chosen job title or begin working toward them
– I am not suggesting that you put lies on your resume, you’ll have to look for job titles that you have experience & skills in
– Don’t mess with stuff that completely out of your league or level of expertise, be honest on your resume
– Sometimes employers will take you if you are willing to learn the skills or earn the require certification/degree in a certain time frame. Put that on your resume.
4) Put your resume [with keywords/phrases in place] online, as many places as you can

Research Employer Demand in certain locations
I am from California and I have been trying for years to find a decent job (for what I do) there. They’ve got them in southern California but almost none in Northern. California seems to be lacking jobs and then they don’t want to pay comparable to the cost of living there. I noticed that Cali has a LOT of networking jobs. If you type in CCNP in for Cali, you’ll find a lot of good paying jobs. The problem is that CCNP is a very difficult certification to get (or so I’ve heard).

I would recommend checking out what sort of IT skills employers are looking for in the area you want to work. For example, even though I have lots of certifications, most of the ones that I have [that are still active lol] won’t help me for moving back to Northern California. I researched it and found that they are mostly looking for Network Engineers [as of 2006-2010] and my Cisco routing and switching skills are still developing.

Play Capitalisms Game: Start a Business
Another option is to start your own business. This may sound daunting, but believe it or not my website qualifies as a business. It took me about 1 year to get it making money, but now it makes between $400 – 800/month without me even looking at it. It has made as much as 2k and I know people who make more in a month then many people make in a year with their blogs. It is becoming harder and harder to be an employee. Companies do the bare minimum to take care of employees, the economy goes in a recession (or worse) and hard working people can not find a job and the value of the dollar flutuates on a downward spiral. It seems the only way to be comfortable in this new “capitalism” is to have multiple streams of income.

If you are interested, start at your states business page and here

Rob E.

UPDATED IA STUFF + Procrastination

My greatest skill is procrastination. I really am the best, most skilled procrastinator I know. It takes all of my will power to stay consistent with anything, including this blog, which is why (among other things) I am not banking like Darren Rowse or Steve Pav, two of my favorite bloggers.

YOU SEE, I am such a good procrastinator that I JUST procrastinated on getting to the REAL subject of this article, security, IA updates.

A fellow IA Analyst wrote me with questions that got right to the heart of IA… change.

She asked about AFI 33-202.
And I said:

Right as I felt I had mastered the contents of 33-202, the airforce moved to 33-210 (to replace all its C&A stuff). I believe 33-202 is now obsolete and replaced with 33-200 & 33-202 and others.. last time I was with the AF, anyway.

What about IT LEAN?
I said:

As for IT Lean, you can find that on AF Knowledge Now site and I think they have links to it on EITDR. If you are interested in IT Lean you’ll be REALLY interested in 33-210:

But if you are working with the Air Force and want more on the IT LEAN process you should be digging into AFCAP, Air Force Certification & Accreditation Program, an AF version of IT Lean.

CNSS 1253:
A lot of people also ask me to send them a copy of the CNSSI 12-53. But it is actually OUT. Its the CNSSI 1253. I, personally, have not had any clear direction (currently NO direction) on how to start moving some of the CNSSI to the systems I work on. I suspect that the Govt. will start this within the next couple of years and start phasing out DIACAP.. but who the hell knows what a bureaucracy of their size will do next!

Lastly, my fellow IA Analyst asked me about EITDR
and I said:

You’ll find the EITDR POCs on the Air Force Portal or Knowledge Now. Log on to the Air Force Portal (if you don’t have an account get one.. you may have to get sponsor by the Govt to get it). Once on the AF Portal search for EITDR and they’ll have tons of stuff on it. Waaaaay more stuff than you want to read. You’ll also find the person you need to start the EITDR process with.

Hack the Censors

During the renewal of the USA Patriot Act, the various communities on the Internets began frothing at the mouth. I recall one (alleged) Chinese citizen saying something about how China was more free than the United States. Which is (circa 200X) a pretty ridiculous thing to say. In response, I wrote something like “F@KK the President of the United States George W. Bush. Can you say that in about Hu Jintao in China?” He said, no.

In some countries, it is pretty dangerous to be a blogger with a free mind. Its ironic because, for me, that is what blogging is all about. Its sad that bloggers have to watch their collective mouths in countries like China, Iran and others

Apparently, searching for words like “women” in Iran will give you an “404 – Dear Subscriber” page. I’ve heard that searching from behind China’s legendary Great Firewall words like “Freedom” and “Democracy” are not allowed.

Other netizen controllers include (but are not limited to): Saudi Arabia, Syria and Pakistan

Governments with this level of blanket censorship do not understand the nature of the Internet. Organizations around the world like Global Internet Freedom Consortium, Voice of America, and Falun Gong conspire to get around the censorship. Devices such as Tor and Psiphon have been developed to go around the firewalls.

In the war of suppression of ideas, China has actually hired thousands of people to flood the Internet with government messages to out due dissenters.

The best thing China, Pakistan, Iran and other countries can do to control the flow of ideas is to take care of their people not suppress them. The unfortunate thing about taking care of the people is that it requires giving people freedom to speak which is dangerously close to democracy.

Inspired by NY Times article on the subject.

One Decade to Cyber-Real Impacts

When I started my blogs at the end of 2005 my sites made about $1/month. As of October 2008 they made over $800 dollars. $800 is pretty good pocket change, but I know of at least two bloggers who make $10,000 per month! This is only possible because of computers, the Internet and web technologies. The additional money from my blogs is a great boost to my over all income allowing me and my family to live more comfortably, however I know that a higher living standard is only the beginning of what information technology (IT) has in store for me and humanity particularly over the next ten years.

In ten years, IT will directly impact my life style by allowing me to better manage everything from energy used in my home and car to the health care. IT will connect me to and even higher “work from home” socially networked life style. And finally, in ten years, IT will change my perception of reality both literally and figuratively.

Within one decade, IT will change how much gas I pump into my car and how much energy I use in my home. It will manage my over all life style. How and why will this happen? What do computers have to do with petroleum? In ten years IT will have everything to do with gas.

Information technology will influence and permeate the energy technologies (ET) needed for a new renewable energy infrastructure. Millions of electric cars on the roads and over 10% of electricity coming from renewable sources (1) will need IT. The impact can be seen even through the jaundice vision of latter-2008 eyes. All the leading candidates of the 2008 election made “green” a part of their talking points and stump speeches. Our early American 21st century problems are no longer being ignored (1,2):

* having to fund oil rich petro-dictators
* lack of export industry/increased unemployment
* pollution/global warming
* the causes and support structure of terrorism

*these issues are address much further in Thomas Friedman’s book Hot, Flat and Crowded (3)

The issues we face are all linked to one problem… energy. America is run on oil so it must buy from oil rich dictators (many of whom are sympathizers of extremists who support acts of terrorism). America is 70% dependent on energy from foreign sources (4) which in-turn exports a large portion of wealth and jobs overseas. But in ten short years, I will no longer be a part of the blind slow degradation of the U.S. because ET with its IT interface and IT processing power will allow me to pump less gas and download more clean electrons into my hybrid car. But IT won’t only be impact my carbon foot print. It will also increase my assets.

In 2004, I was still fresh out of the military and struggling from the high costs of civilian life. My wife and child were consistently in and out of the hospital and the mortgage was a monthly battle. I was thinking about rejoining the Air Force or getting a second job. I was reluctant because my whole reason for getting out the military was to spend more time with my family.

I decided to start a business. Almost immediately, I got sucked into Internet Marketing. Although I lost some money on more than one failed venture, I actually ended up learning a lot about e-business and methods of making money online. I got into blogging at the end of 2005. My blogs started making money with a few months. And by mid-2006, it was pulling down a couple of hundred dollars per month. I immediately saw the great potential of this. A few times the blogs even made more than enough to pay the mortgage. Its 2008 and the blogs still make hundreds of dollars per month.

In 2018, the Internet will make more than what I make at my full time career. The impact will be a revolutionary and comprehensive change to my life style. I will be able to work from home, spend more time with my family and have even more interaction with my extended family who live in another state. But I believe that among the most shocking and exciting vision of pre-2020 is the future predicted by Ray Kuzweil in his book Age of Spiritual Machines (5).

Ray predicts the following:

“Three-dimensional virtual reality displays, embedded in glasses and contact lenses, as well as auditory ‘lenses,’ are used routinely as primary interfaces for communication with other persons, computers, the Web, and virtual reality.

High-resolution, three-dimensional visual and auditory virtual reality and realistic all-encompassing tactile environments enable people to do virtually anything with anybody, regardless of physical proximity.

Paper books or documents are rarely used and most learning is conducted through intelligent, simulated software-based teachers.(5)”

Virtual reality advances will allow me to bring cyber space into the real world. How will I distinguish real from cyber-real with hyper-real overlays of real world objects, disembodied voices from GPS devices personalized to my specific location and velocity whispering in my ear? Furthermore, how will I define reality if virtual reality phones make distance from callers irrelevant? I will be able to see a full body representation of a caller standing in front of me.

Ten years will usher in comprehensive changes in my life coming from IT. This will be the decade that brings in a more responsible change in energy use, unprecedented worldwide increases of standards of living and an overall change in our perception of reality. It will be a virtual brave new world.

Works Cited:

1. Office of the President-elect. 2008. Energy and Environment Agenda
2. Governors Global Climate Summit. 2008. Finding Solutions Through Regional and Global Actions.
3. Friedman, Thomas L. Hot, Flat & Crowded. 2008. Farrar, Straus and Giroux
4. Energy Information Administration. U.S. Imports by Country and Origin.
5. Kuzweil, Ray. The Age of Spiritual Machines: Time Line.

Obama and McCain Differ on Net Neutrality – Internet Policy

If your an Internet geek like me, this issue will have a great influence on your vote.

“It wasn’t a contentious topic at last night’s presidential debate, but network neutrality is the hot-button issue on the mind of PM’s senior tech editor. He explores the candidates’ stands on the issue in a Geek the Vote edition of his biweekly trends column.” – digg via PopMech (link below)

Obama’s view on Net Neutrality:
Protect the Openness of the Internet: A key reason the Internet has been such a success is because it is the most open network in history. It needs to stay that way. Barack Obama strongly supports the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet.

McCain’s view on Net Neutrality:
OOPS! – the link doesn’t work.
The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

The irony is that Obama’s likely win is probably specifically because of the Internet. His teams organizational skills on the ‘Net have been unparalelled. The only other guy who came close to his fame on ‘Net is Ron Paul.

read more | digg story

My First “Notice of Libel” Yippee!

Johnny Cash says it best.
johny mother fuckin cash at your service

Forget Security… start blogging!

blog it
To all would be Information Technology specialist, geeks, and security professionals! Do not put all your eggs in one basket. The corporate world isn’t all that great. Do you really want to be a corporatized zombie in a cubicle farm? Do you want be a work junkie strung out on caffeine with coffee ivy jammed directly into your left ventricle? These are not rhetorical questions. Verily, I say unto you from the front lines of corporate and government mind fields, financial stability is no more unless you have multiple streams of passive income.

I too once dreamed of corporate back rubs, company cars, company Visas. But I’m telling you that on the bottom end of the corporate and government ladder, Robin Leech is not going to wish you Champaign dreams and Strawberry wishes. Robin Leech is going to make you fix his bloody computer and hook up his filthy 802.11g wireless. Robin Leech is going to piss on you like Robert Kelly did to that teenage girl… and you know what the sad part about that is.. you are going to learn to love that golden shower.

Listen. Seriously. All joking aside. I am not an ingrate. I appreciate my employment. I enjoy technology, security and even some of my trips to Hawaii :). I get paid more money than anyone in my family (which isn’t saying much) but one thing I’ve come to realize is that TIME is infinitely more valuable than money (especially the US dollar circa 2008). I figure the only way to get more time is to become completely self employed. Which is something I’d like to do via blogging, one of my favorite pass times (aside from pr0nagraphy). This blog actually makes me a few hundred dollars every month. The crazy things is that Steve Pavilina and Darren Rowse make more in one month from their blogs than many people make in one year. That is what I want to do. And if you are smart (and I KNOW you are) you do too. Start blogging yesterday. Talk about anything to start then turn it into a cash machine as you learn from the Jedi Knights of blogging.

Blog you will, hmm. — Master Yoda