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Joydownload Virus

Be careful when you download new software.  Download from the actual creator of the software as much as possible.  Avoid getting software from bittorrents.  If you do, at least look at the comments of the bittorrent you plan on downloading.

Search engines such as google are great for finding software, but not always the safest.  Its best to get software directly from the organization that created not random sites.

For example, at one time “Joydownload. com” was among the top results for the “Yahoo Messenger”   and other apps.  But this site may have trojans in it.

Joydownload is a known malware distributions site:


Joydownload scan From VirusTotal:

URL Scanner Result
Avira Malware site
Emsisoft Malware site
Fortinet Malware site
G-Data Malware site
Sophos Malicious site


computer starts up slow

I noticed that my computer was starting up slow.. SUPER slow!  I ignored it for a long time… months.  But I noticed each time I added new software, the system started up slower and slower.

Why your computer starts up slow?  These days when you install new software, its default setting is “autorun” which means, it is set up to start when your computer starts.  So if you notice 30 different applications are popping up when you boot up your system, that is why the system is slow.  Its starting each app.

If you computer starts up slow, here is how you can get it much faster.

computer starts up slow msconfig.exe

slow computer start use msconfig.exe

computer starts up slow – MSCONFIG

The first place to check out for slow reboots, is msconfig.

Go to Start | Run | type “msconfig” | Enter

“MSConfig (officially called System Configuration in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 or Microsoft System Configuration Utility in previous operating systems) is a system utility to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup process.”

Once you click Enter you will see the msconfig message box.  Once you are in msconfig, select the “Startup” tab and you will see all the software that is set to startup when the system starts up.

computer startup slow msconfig

computer startup slow msconfig

MSconfig show the root of the problem.  I had scores of proprietary applications starting up by default, not to mentions a dozen other applications that I had installed and left default.  This is why my system was taking anywhere from 3-5 minutes to be of any use.  I would often avoid turning off the system just so I did not have to wait each time for it to boot.. NOW THAT IS LAZY!!

Once in MSconfig, disable the applications you don’t want starting when the computer starts.  Once you are complete, click OK.

And you are done.

Here is another place you can check for application startups:

computer starts up slow Startup

computer starts up slow Startup

BONUS ROUND!! – Search Conduit – backgroundcontainer RunDLL

I had a pesky “RunDLL” file that kept trying to run when my computer was starting.  I did not see it in the Startup folder or in MSConfig.  But I noticed that it was from some adware called SearchConduit (my arch nemesis).  I had removed it months ago, but it is so aggressive, spammy and similar to malware that it leave hooks in the registry keys.

Here is how I removed it.

computer starts up slow RegEdit FIND RunDLL

computer starts up slow RegEdit FIND RunDLL

You will have to go to regedit – Start | Run | regedit

*I don’t recommend regedit unless you are comfortable with doing complex configurations on your PC.. if you don’t know what your doing, you can destroy you OS in regedit*

Once in regedit, click CTRL+F (find) and search for the key.  delete the key.  You will need to delete if from the left side of the regedit panel or you will get the error you see displayed.

If you did all of this, you cleared all irrelevant default starts from legit applications and removed any DLLs that are not supposed to be there and you computer is still slow, you may have a completely different issue:

  • defrag your hard drive
  • Maybe you have malware (i use webroot & spybot search and destroy)
  • You have very agressive (hidden) adware (spybot search and destroy.. it works)
  • Your computer is too old (try newegg, they have good prices)
  • Your computer needs more memory (RAM check Task Manager – check memory usage)
  • Your hard drive is jacked up (may hear a crunching or metal on metal sound)


Adware: too many popups

I have way too many pop ups, what can i do to get rid of them?

Pop-ups are not just annoying. They can be a sign of intrusive spyware or even malware (also known as trojans, virus, worms). As you surf on the Internet and get pop-ups it may seem that all of these ads are coming from somewhere on the Internet outside of your computer. The truth is some may be coming from your own system!

Take a look at my Add/Remove Programs list.

This is a list of all the adware I have on my system. To get to your own Add/Remove Programs list go to Start | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.

If your list of programs looks like mine, you may want consider removing some of them.

How can you tell Malware/Spyware/Adware from the software you need?

Many times you can not. If you are uncertain about an application do not remove it. Here are some ways that you can tell what to remove:

1) Adware Keywords: Webenhance, web optimize, surf, internet optimizer

2)    When ads pop up read the borders. Many times you’ll see the name of the company or application that is serving the ads. Many times that same name will be in the Add/Remove Programs list

3) Type the name of the Add/Remove Programs listed into Google or Yahoo!

4)    Look in the Task Manager. Adware applications are often resource hogs. You can use Task Manager to look at what applications are taking up most of the resources Removing Adware.

Always try and uninstall the applications if it will allow you.

Other tips:

Don’t use Internet Explorer < 6.0 with service pack 2 (check your Internet Explorer by clicking Help | About Internet Explorer) Use Firefox Do not surf the Internet as the Administrator of your computer (create accounts, make limited account with no admin priviledges that you surf from, if you have to download log on as the admin to do it) more on: too many pop ups while net surfing