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EZ1 Rate report from a reader

I want to apologize everyone. I am one of the employee working with EZ1 Rate. It is a Scam. Preveiouly it was Value Benefits of America and then its name got changed as Caller Advantage then Super Savings and now it is EZ1 Rate.

This company is situated in India. We r asked to take the Credit Card numbers of customers saying tht it is just an identification number but it is a very important numbers of cards.

after taking the numbers the card is charged of any amount and then after every month the card is getting charged. if u read this then pls sumone launch a complaint against this company. many r the ladies and old people who give us the credit card numbers so easily.

i m giving the name of the company who is running it is Silgate Solution. it is india one branch is in Delhi in gurgaon another 2 branches r in Mahaashtra in mumbai. if u want the complete address then check out for the silgate call center in yahoo else visit

New York, New York

i found this today i had some call me to asking the same thing that you have writen in these bolgs but i am a cop so i know this was a joke so while i was on the phone i googel what he told me. there was no info of a build and a company name.dont ever gave you info ever over the phone. i called a # for reporting a a scam the are the fedrual some of such there # is 877-382-4357 call them and tell them what happen so the can find these crimanal.

AMERICAN ADVANTAGE Benefits address phone number

If you didn’t know, AMERICAN ADVANTAGE Benefits is a false organization doing international fraud with organizations like EZ 1 rate.  They commit financial fraud and sell the personal information of unsuspecting victims.
One of my readers gave me the inside scoop on American Advantage Benefit’s real address:

630 Albert st. Oshawa Ontario,

Canada 4H4T5

AMERICAN ADVANTAGE Benefits phone number: 323-230-9576

Canada, just as I suspected.

Ring of Fraud Organizations

There is a ring of fraud companies that have been getting peoples account information and drawing money directly out of their accounts. 

When too many people complain and the heat starts to come down on them, they change the name and website of there company and move on. 

These organizations include Titan Financial (credit card fraud NOT to be confused with Titan Financial Services or Titan Financial Group, Ltd), (grants, medical, long distance),,  These companies use different addresses all across the United States but (for some reason) have some of the same phone numbers such as 1-800-923-8939 and 1-800-410-1682.

I'm very interested in exploiting and destroying this companies.

Advantage America benefits (social engineering for the holidays)

Advantage America Benefits Called and
offered me a grant for $12,500 and wanted my personal information.
ripoff Winter Park Florida… is it real?!

I got a call the other day from an organization calling itself Advantage America Benefits ( 

While he spoke decent English, the man I talked to had an accent that
sounded either East Indian or Philipino.  He said his name was
“Mark Anderson” that he was working with the Resurgence Department of
the U.S. Government (which does not exist) and he wanted to give me a
$12,500 grant because my family had been selected among of 6,000
families who fit certain criteria.  I was, of course immediately
suspicious.  While I know the U.S. government does in fact give
grants to qualifying families, I also know that the government is does
not  advertise these grants for fear of social indignation. 

I asked him lots of questions.  All of which he did a great job of
answering.  The rudeness was was what kept me on the phone. 
In my experience government employees are rude and fed up with life.
  I was also impressed that he was able to give a website:
1900 Howell Branch Road
Suite #4-7
Winter Park, FL 32792

I must admit they almost had me until I decided to do a Google search on Advantage American Benefits and stumbled across the Rip Off Report.coms take on Advantage America Benefits.

I've read on the Rip Off Report that these guys are from Bali or India, but they maybe in Canada because the IP address is in Canada:  

OrgName:    Groupe iWeb Technologies inc. 
OrgID: GIT-20
Address: 3185, rue Hochelaga
City: Montreal
StateProv: QC
PostalCode: H1W-1G4
Country: CA

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