can i locate someone by mobile phone

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Is it possible to locate and/or track someone by their mobile phone? Yes.

How and Why is it Possible to Locate Someone by Mobile Phone?
The FCC mandated the implementation of enhanced 911, E911, for wireless services (Dec 2005). This regulation required that all cell phone carriers provide the capability to trace cell phone calls to within 100 meters or less of their location. Cell phone carriers place GPS technology into the handsets of the cell phone. Most cell phones do not allow direct access to the GPS network; you have to go through the cell phone carrier, another tracking service, or as a result of a 911 call or other emergency. Thanks to the E911 FCC regulations, the authorities can track someone who does not have a GPS enabled cell phone and subscription to the GPS data via their cell phone carrier

How Can You Locate Someone By Mobile Phone?
prerequisites: (unless you have access to 911 emergency systems) the mobile phone you are trying to locate must be GPS enabled and be subscribed to a GPS data plan
Register the GPS subscribed phone with a location based services (LBS). These are carrier or website services that will give you an interface to locate the mobile phone.

Location Based Services:
Mapquest Find Me (Sprint/Nextel)
Sprint’s Mobile Locator
Wherifone (for tracking your kid by their mobile phone)


Do more with LBS:

Privacy Concerns:
So basically, you can be tracked at all times if you have a cell phone. This raises serious privacy concerns especially since the potential for abuse of LBS is huge. What if someone does not wish to be found? There are also some security/safety concerns to consider: What if someone was recently placed on a witness protection program? Allowing such easy access to their currently location could get them killed. Consider some of the “crazies” out there that want to stalk and/or exact some sort of sick plan on a specific person. Furthermore, can we trust a government (ANY government) to protect each citizens rights to privacy?

Before you attempt locate someone vie their mobile phone you should consider their privacy.

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