Blocking Facebook scammers and spammers

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If you run a facebook group, you will notice that a lot of spammers and scammers start to infiltrate but posing as legit members.  How do you identify these people?

Here is an example.  This member “Joan Mayer” joins US Visa groups on facebook posing as a woman.  “She” this message in the most popular comments to get views:

Joan Mayer Employment opportunity 2015/2016 in hotels, FACtory , Oil company , and airport 

The management of Marriott hotels, currently need new workers which careers suite into this work categories, Stewards, nurses, Technicians, Fashion designers , comedians and Entertainers, models, actors, dancers, medical doctor, Artisans, Mechanics, engineer, cleaners, washers, security, Club Bouncers, Catering supervisor, Cooks, Receptionist, Food & Beverage Management, Store Keeper, Landscape & graphic designer, Computer Engineering, professional massage, Professional Chauffeurs, professional beauticians, professional Gardener and florist, Gym and exercise instructors, etc.
Our hotel will be responsible for the payment for his/her air ticket and accommodation, so if you are interested you can contact us direct at this below e-mail address link. With your C.V. +237676981356

We look forward for your prompt reply via this email address for more information’s needed.

Good Luck.

A quick search on “her” number reveals that the number is associated with some sort of scam:

indian scammer number

indian scammer number













A search of “” reveals more about the source of this message:

cynthiamenz007 at gmail


It looks like some kind of agency.  Maybe not a scam but definitely spam.

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