Anita More Foreign Operations Bank of England SCAM

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Another scam using the name “Bank of England”



Threadneedle St,
London EC2R 8AH, United Kingdom

Be inform that we have also received payment notification from the Federal Reserve BankĀ  of New York that you are the administrator of the FUND in our bank which has to be release via bank to bank processing. Immediately you meet all the payment procedure. Also bear in mind that the bank have no mandate to deduct any sum from the fund as instruction on the payment advised sent to us indicated that the adminisrator fund shall be transfer in full without any deduction.

However, you are advised to send us your information to enable us forward it to the verification department of the bank to carry out their verification process and submit recommendation for the release of your fund.

Awaiting your prompt compliance to enable us serve you better.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs.Anita More
Foreign Operations
Bank of England

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