Al Qaeda Sites getting Hacked

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This was an article that really cheered me up today. Al Qaeda websites are still getting hacked constantly. Sometimes it seems that the free world is WAY off on the “War on Terror”. With most resources going to Iraq, political rhetoric and pandering and the almost complete absence of anyone talking about capturing and/or killing Osama bin Laden, its easy to get discouraged. Its good to see that the cyberwar is still being waged on those who promote and or support terrorism.

Octavia Nasr | BIO
CNN senior editor for Arab affairs

A hacking war is raging on Jihadi websites. Radical Islamist sites have been attacking and getting attacked for quite some time. The website hacking practice was common in 2001 and 2002… Following the 9/11 attacks when al Qaeda used only one website to communicate its messages to supporters and foes alike. That website was called It was getting constantly hacked… sometimes several hackings a day. After every hacking the site managed to resurface on the net until it disappeared from the scene in 2004 to be replaced by other websites — What started as one al Qaeda-linked site mushroomed into dozens which branched out into hundreds of supporting sites that serve as dissemination centers over the internet.


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