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6 Tips on Working Abroad and Avoiding Recruitment Fraud

6 Tips to Get Work Abroad and Avoid Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud is a fairly common type of fraud that hits many overseas workers looking to stay in another country to have a decent income.  Many overseas filipino workers, for example, are affected by recruitment fraud.  They are offered what sounds like a good opportunity for work, but to start they the process they are asked to pay a fee.  After paying the fee they find out the job is not real.



 Here are some tips to avoid recruitment fraud:

 1. Do not give any amount or a placement fee as some of them are fake unregistered agencies. Agencies provide the tickets and accommodations abroad for countries such as Middle East, Singapore, UK and US.  While some companies and countries do require a placement fee you should double check the company and laws of that particular country.  If you must pay a fee, get a receipt.

 2. Re-check the license of the agency you are applying for if it exists in Philippine Overseas Employment Association, POEA or other national overseas agencies that keep track of the licenses.

3. Do not settle for a tourist visa for working purposes because it can get you in trouble abroad. There is some risk to working on a tourist visa.  Some countries may be strict on how certain visa are used.  Some filipinos are punished, deported and/or imprisonment.

4. Read papers carefully before signing the contracts. Whatever agreements are stated in the contracts regardings policies and salary matters can be use for future circumstances.

 5.  Check your passport.  Make sure your passport is legitimate.  It should have at least 6 months before it expires.  Resist the temptation of trying to “game the system” with fake visa or passport.  Anyone using a fake identity may be caught by authorities and face charges of imprisonment, deportation or be banned from other countries for a period of time.

6. Make sure all documentations submitted to the agency are processed to avoid delays, job cancellation and other problems upon leaving the country.


Working abroad can be very rewarding.  After all the paperwork and medical evaluations you might have to do, if you land a good job overseas it can be great.  Just double check documentations to make sure you don’t get caught up in recruitment fraud and don’t neglect the process and procedures that the country requires you to do.


6 tips for mobile device security & privacy

If you have a mobile device, you realize how powerful it can be.  The more you rely on these devices the more you need to be aware of protecting your data on them.  Here are 6 quick tips to protect you mobile device:

1. Separate phone / SIM card – A separate phone / SIM card helps you keep your privacy on personal matters.  Use a separate phone or SIM for work, home or for your personal business.  Keeping it separate helps keep all transactions on a specific device.

 2.  Mobile device security code – creating a phone security code prevent anyone from spying your phone by just picking it up and tapping a button.

for privacy use passcode

use cell phone privacy lock screen-pin

 3 . Delete history – You mobile device saves and tracks all transactions by default.  So if someone got access to the it, they could see everyone you contacted back to the first day you activated the device.  Deleting phone calls and messages remedy that some what.

 4. Keypad lock – You must have your keypad automatically lock after  a short period of inactivity just in case you set your device down and forget to lock it manually.  The shorter the time you set (ex:5 seconds) the better.

 5. SIM card code – for confidential contacts, setting a code into your SIM card is a must.

 6. No automatic email log in – do not set your emails into automatic log-in so people cannot trace your personal info by merely picking up your phone.

Mobile devices with links in to social media, personal email accounts, contacts, and transactions can give someone immediate access into all aspects of your personal life.  Its important you implement some or all of these tips if you want to maintain some of your privacy.