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payphone in hong kong

payphone hong kong

a pay phone in hong kong


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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

First taste of Vietnamese Coffee.  It was good.

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Interface Techno-Phil Inc. Keppel Cebu Office Scam Bust


”Im one of the employees onthat company…its true our or sss and other benefits is not updated…this company sucks…if you are new here onthis company they pay 5o pesos for 7 days my god…where doin or best to have sale everyday and they pay us back 5o pesos and if we dont have sale at the end of the day some officers blackmail us if your working here its like heal everyday…i hope this company will close and the owner will put on jail… makati

Interface, Techno-Phil Inc., had been shut down for its online scam mostly to US clients  and 400 computers had been confiscated on the Anti- Cyber Group (ACG) at Keppel Building, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City on May 16, 2013.

120 call center center agents were brought to the police station for further investigations about the Interface Techno-Phil company.They said they didn’t have the idea that the company they’re working for is a scam.

According to the ACG, the agents job are to convince clients to sign up an electronic form exchange for $2.99 as registration and other processing fees. In return, they offer gift cards worth 50$ upon enrolling for a credit card and $100 worth of gift card vouchers of all gasoline station in the United States  .They will also recieve an email from ‘’ Silva Norton ‘’ who claimed to be the owner of a company based in Florida using the website “wakanetworksavings”.

All payments are made through credit cards. After the account enrollment, Interface techno-phil inc. gets the information and access from the clients’  and start stealing the money from their personal accounts.

A day after the place had been raided, the company’s representative tried to bribe Senior Insp. Michael Vertudazo, chief of the Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) in Central Visayas  in the amount of  P 300,000.00 to withdraw the case against Techno-Phil Inc. and also to return the computers that were taken during the operation.


*This is a scam targeting citizens in the UK*




*Attack Vector: email, 419 scam*

Shell Centre,

London,SE1 7NA -United Kingdom

Incorporation Barley House, Hare Road

Sutton, Great Britain SM1 4te United Kingdom.

Dear Winner,
We are happy to inform you of the Shell Oil Company United Kingdom (UK) 60years Anniversary Promotion,held on the (10TH MAY 2013) for Email Address Users Worldwide Promo,

Your Email was luckily drawn by a computer balloting system as one of our winners in our online promo bonanza from the prestigious UK SHELL OIL COMPANY ONLINE E-MAIL PROMOTION. Thus, making you the winner of the sum of £500,000.00GBP(Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling’s)


military scam: MAJOR KELLY COLLINS
This is a scam targeting American citizens and/or US military.
How do I know its a scam?
–> US Military don’t usually use hong kong email – also that is not the real email source.
–> Search done on content Three Kings Scam
–> email originates from threat source [ –]

–> based on its neutral standing, this source has had other threats.




serving the World and my country in the

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Now i found a very reliable way of sending a trunk metallic box
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Contact me on my private email address:(collinskelly307@
Waiting for your replyMAJOR KELLY COLLINS


Child Exploitation Online

Written by CME, 2013

Short article about Child Exploitation Online: why it happens, how and why to report it.

cnn story about child exploitation

child online exploitation

Spiral of Poverty One Cause of Child Exploitation Online

27.9% of Filipino citizens make less than 16,841 pesos (412USD) a year according to data from National Statistics Coordination Board (2012).  16,841 peso/year is considered below the poverty line by Philippine standards.  The Philippines is still a third world country with a  poor quality of life and a poor quality of education that enhances the suffering of many children.

Unfortunately, the strong influence of the Catholic church does more to hurt than heal with its political push to  block laws that  favor of family planning issues such as birth control and prochoice.  Schools do not teach sex education so children grows up without the knowledge of safe sex. They grow up to become very young parents with even less knowledge about family or birth control causing an endless cycle of poverty.

In a family with 5 kids or more, an only one breadwinner, with a job of a minimum salary of less than 300 pesos daily.  It takes a lot of budgeting.  The families diet consists ofporridge, noodles and sardines. 300 pesos is not enough to supply the family’s needs. In order to survive the parents are forced to make their children work for a living. Due to lack of parenting they implant in children’s mind that they must be responsible of taking care of the family specially the eldest daughter or son. Mostly it is the eldest daughter that is obliged to work for the entire family.

Poor Parents Make it worse

In worst case (yet common) scenario parents talk their daughter into prostitution. Some sells their kids for slavery or sent to beg for money on the streets.. Some children are exploited in cities  Luzon Area such as Angeles Pampangga, Cavite and Metro Manila to work as cam girls on the Internet to show their young bodies to the foreigners.  The authorities do investigate and catch the international and domestic sexual predators however the underground market for this activity still goes on even though “cam girl” activity is actually against the law (Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012).

The exploitation of minors is also happening in other poor countries such as Thailand and Cambodia where those in a position to alert the police turn a blind eye for money or participate in what will lead to the scaring of a child that will grow up into life-long self destruction.  Raped of their innocence without the benefit of a childhood and not given the chance to choose for themselves what life they wanted all to satisfy the perverse appetite of people that know better but don’t care.

The parents of these kids are certainly at fault, but if there was no one giving money for these acts, without pedofiles and predator customers paying for the activity there would be no reason to do it.

Only We can Fight against Child Exploitation Online

 There is a that says:  “It takes a village to raise a child.”

 Its our responsibility to report these acts, confront the parents and raise awareness where we can.  These children deserve a bright future and guidance instead of being abused and damned to a life of being used and exploited.  The real disease is poverty this is only one of the symptoms.

Ways to Stop Online Child Exploitation:

If you know of an offender that is doing this report them.  The only way to help kids from being exploited online is the stop the people that give money for the act.  If we don’t help these children, no one else will.

 Europe – – email…




The AFP investigates online child exploitation which occurs using a telecommunications service, such as computers with internet connectivity or mobile phones. —




Leland Joseph R. Dela Cruz, 2009 Philippine Poverty, 9 February 2011, (accessed February 15, 2012).

farivar, cyrus, 2012 New Philippine Law, Sept, 2012,



I receive a letter called a 2800C.  Since I have received  fake IRS forms (and corporate compliance scams), my immediate assumption was “its a scam. trash it.”  But after I read through it, I could see that it was REAL.  And I was terrified.

LTR 2800C IRS TAX Form

LTR 2800C IRS TAX Form

I thought of Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage, Lauryn Hill and all the other celebrities that have had very public and very serious tax issues that land them in court or jail.  Then I thought about the small business’ that end up owing an insane about of money in fees and back taxes to the IRS.

What I found is that all I need to do is call them and talk to them to straighten it out.

I immediately researched this letter on the Internet because I did not fully understand it.  I paid my taxes, attached all necessary W-2s/1099s/1040s.  So what could be wrong.  The form was saying “Withholding Rate (Marital Status) : single” and I KNOW that was wrong.  After researching online the best advice I found came from Vista Professional Services:

Their first bit of advice is the best “Don’t Panic”.

You don’t really know what is going on until you call them.  For me, it turns out that they simply had not received my taxes yet.  I called, they double checked and found that they were there.

Withholding Compliance Unit is the section of the IRS that handles this:

P.O. Box 9047, Stop 837

Andover, MA 01810-0947


How did you know its not a Scam?

ok, I won’t discuss the Constitutional argument about whether or not the IRS itself is real or whether it has the right to impose and enforce taxes.   I don’t agree with a lot of how its done but refusing to pay is the wrong way for me to voice that grievance.  As far as I know flat out refusing to pay taxes is how jail happens.  Jail is real enough for me.



So When I say “how do you know its not a scam” I am saying how do you know if the NOTICE 2800C is really from the IRS.

1)  Its is sent from your employer.  The form will be sent to your employer and include instructions for your employer.

2) Contains legit IRS contact information.  A legit form will have a 866/800 number that you can check against contact information you can verify on  Once you call the IRS, you can then verify.  They will have the your issue in their database.

3) Has your personal information on it.  “For Internal Use Only xxx-xx-xxxx”  is printed on the bottom of the forms with YOUR social on it.  The forms will have your first, last names and middle initial.  It will include the employers information (name and address) .


LTR 2800C IRS Tax Notice:



***Employer: Provide this letter to your employee within 10 days of receipt.***

Employee:  FirstName M.I. LastName

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX

Employer: Corp. Inc

Dear FirstName M.I. LastName


Blah, Blah, Blah .. We have determined that you are not entitled to a claim exempt status or more than a specified number of withholding allowances.


Withholding Rate (Marital Status) : single

Withholding Allowance: 0000


You can request a change of this determination. Please call us at the number shown below within 30 days from the date of this letter.  We’ll consider your explanation of why you are entitled to a different withholding rate and/or number of withholding allowances (or exempt status).

When you call, have the following information available.  If you file jointly, you must have the same information available for your spouse.






HO Chen Tung Scam

I received an email from “Ho Chen Tung”

email from:

SUBJ: contact me immediately

“contact me with acceptance to transfer $21,410,000.00 to you. I will tell you more information after I get your reply.”




other variants:

contact me immediately for more details for the transfer of US$ 21,300,000.00 to you. this money initially Belongs to a client who died and had no next of kin in his account-opening package. in other to achieve this, I shall require your full name and telephone number to reach you. Most importantly is a confirmation of acceptance from you after which I shall furnish you with the dynamics of this transaction

Please treat as urgent and confidential.

Ho Chen Tung