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September I joined, I met a “wonderful” man, or so I thought, His name is Frank, Frank Henry…He said he was from Germany, but lives in London, is a civil engineer, self employeed single father. He has a 10 year old daughter named Sandra, and that his wife died 3 years ago giving childbirth. He told me he loved me within 5 emails, He asked me to get off’ because he didn’t want anyone to steal me from him!!! Well after nearly thre months of wonderful emails, phone conversations, and chats, he asked me to relocate to London, I AGREED, But then he asked me to send $ to him to pay some taxes on a huge contract he was working on, I did….then he asked me to send $ for a PS3 and laptop for his daughter, i did, then $$$ to set the wedding up, ya know secure the date, I did….well twoweeks before I was to move he called me frantic, saying “Sandra” was in an accident @ school and is in the hospital, in a coma with blood on the brain…Two nights before I was to travel, he text me and she”Sandra” was being moved to a different hospital 5 hours away from London, then 4…yes 4 hours before I was to board a plane hetext me and asked me to postpone my trip for a week, because he didn’t want “his wife” to be stranded at the airport…so I did, lost the entire fare, but I did. Two days later, he text me, poor thing died, and he needs $$$ to bury her. He is a LIAR, all lies, I set up a dummy account, and he bite, hool, line, and sinker to the “new” woman, saying he is just getting ready to go to church with his daughter “Sandra”…and sent me the EXACT same photos of he and she!!! Ladies beware….he is a shark, but this SHARK HUNTER is gonna bring him down. His email is BTW ladies, have you noticed a pattern with these scammers? they all have two first names??? LET’S BRING EM DOWN…ALL OF THEM…HIS # IS 44 7011162949

Romantic Scams

I have to speak out loud now because its eating me inside what I thought was a true relationship which continued for serval months until mid beginning of December which questioned myself about the relationship I met someone on the British online dating site called meetic, I was going to close my account when I saw this geougous guy on site just the type I was looking for, I sent a wink and he winked back, then We started chating, hegave me his email address so We can communicate more as far as I knew this guy Kyle Maclaren this was his name was born in aberdeen just up north of England he was just what I was looking for anyway, I asked what he did for a living he said he dealt with gems, I asked what do you mean ? he said precious gems oh I see, he said he had his eight daughter over weekends as he was divorced and they go to church and they were cooking dinner, he said he was trying to get full custody, anyway a few weeks along he says he is going to ghana on buisness and will contact me when he got there, when I hear from him again he says his laptop has been stolen at the airport and ask me if I could send him a top of a range laptop, I thought Ive only just got to know this guy and he is asking me for a laptop I told him I couldn’t do it his english typing was terrible for a buisnessman I hadn’t fallen yet, anyway he asked me a favor again banks where so so we the bank he needed favor he needed 1000 pounds so silly me goes send him the money I said I would send it to his personal bank account he insisted western union under the name of Stephen brefoe, when he asked me again because he had to go to the states to get a loan as he had brought into the gold mining business and sent me a two differnt types of certificate a sworn affidavit aprroving the sale of some land forrestry, week later he asking me for more monies this time he equipment he has sent over from houston texas which he had gone with a close friend helped him to get this loan, then I questioned my self if he got a loan for this equipment surely he has enough to cover any expenses, his excuse was the mining equipment was held at customs in ghana a shipmnet from the states another from china, could I help him out I declined as he was already owing me 2000 pounds and I wasn’t going to put myself in any further date he pleaded with me and said he would pay me back with intrest I declined and told him I couldn’t do it, he said he wouldn’t let money get between our relationship and he would sort it out himself, when I spoke to him he was always in a business meeting he was always going to church, or he was always driving, months went by and our conversations grew less he was too busy, he then asked me for two mobile phones again top of the range,one for him another for the security guard looking after his equipment, I go along with it once again, I las spoke to him on Dec 4th 2010, that was the last time he was selling his business up I asked for the monies back once he sold his business, I never heard from him, I rang his mob number and some stranger answered it I asked for him and said what are you doing with his mobile, where is he, he delined to answer I asked him again he said he had gone to south africa, I asked if he was coming back he was in decisive said don’t know, I rang the number he used to speak to me from the states the old woman who answered it didn’t know of robert who was his friends number, I came to realise he was a scammer for sure this man needs to be stopped he uses kyle Maclaren, kyle love, kyle dean
I should have heard alarm bells ringing but he had me reeled in for the catch I feel so stupid and the biggest fool alive I thought he was so genuine he deceived me real good he need to be stopped now he could be scamming some other woman this minute, please pass this on to the authourities he belongs behind bars with his acomplacies.