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Scammer !!!!!

Beware of a Mac Thompson he claims to be a contractor from New Orleans, Louisania over in Africa working.He claims to be raising a daughter named Betty.He claims to be awarded his biggest contract with AGL Energy from Australia.He is on yearbook(2 profiles) and who knows how many other sites.He is listed on other numerous scammer lists.He has a list long of other names and email addresses.Some go back as far as 2005.

out numbered never out gunned

success_babySummer 2002, shortly after an Army briefing on “land mine awareness” in Afghanistan, I realized that I should be home taking care of my new daughter. She needed me more than Uncle Sam. Apparently, there were a lot of land mines in Afghanistan. Now keep in mind this was about a year after 9/11 (before the base I was stationed at had a Chili’s and massage parlors and shit.. it was unreal).

So I got back to the states, my commander started talking about send me directly to Iraq and it was about that time I decided to get the hell out of the military. The military gave me a very good start on my life and career, but I must admit I wasn’t completely prepared for civilian life. I thought some huge company would pay me a lot of money and take care of me. The opposite was true. Murphy’s law kicked in and everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

I went into debt to move my family to another state, I didn’t make enough money to pay for the debt or my wife’s medical bills once she got hospitalized, and I had no vacation time as a new hire to take care of my daughter while her mother recovered from surgery. When I went to the company for some help, they told me there was nothing they could do that would not violate their policy. The company policy for taking care of employees had an “LOL clause”. It states in fine print, “the joke is on you.”

I was on my own in another state with no family, a sick wife, a new daughter and an old military buddy. I don’t blame the company for my mistakes.. my first mistake was thinking that I could rely on any organization that didn’t own me to take care of me. Success favors the prepared.. I was not prepared.

I got an application for Domino Pizza and filled it out. Before I submitted the application for my second job, it occurred to me that there must be a better way than surviving on tips from my neighbors. I started a 6 year war path to financial independence. This site is apart of that war path. baby-and-daddy*got a better job but never regained my trust of companies i don’t own. u and i have to do for you and i.

Fraud in Social Security

Social Security Fraud refers to the act of dishonestly claiming of benefits. Due to the increasing number of fraudulent claims, the US government enacted a law that will protect individuals from these illicit conducts.

What constitutes Fraud under the Social Security Act?

The Social Security Act provides an outline for actions that are considered fraudulent. Some of those acts are the following:

• Knowingly and willfully makes or causes to be made any false statement or representation of material facts in the application for benefits under this title;

• Knowingly and willfully makes or causes to be made any false statement or representation of a material fact for use in determining any rights to the benefits;

• Having knowledge of any event affecting

o His  or her right to the benefit

o The initial or continued right to the benefit of other individual in whose behalf he or she has applied for or is receiving benefit

o Having made an application to receive any of such benefits for the use and benefit of other and having receive it, knowingly and willfully converts the benefits for the use other than for what is intended

Information needed in filing Social Security Fraud

When planning to file a Fraud complaint, you need the following data:

• Name

• Address

• Social security number of the person you are reporting.

• Description of potential fraud incident

In cases where the Social Security number is not known, you need to secure his or her date of birth, age and the name of the parents. However, if you are reporting a concealed activity you need the name of the employer and its address and phone number.

How to report Social Security Fraud incident

The Social Security Administration takes seriously any report regarding Social Security Fraud. The Office of the Inspector General is the one who investigates incidents of Social Security Fraud. If you have any knowledge regarding these incidents, you can report it immediately by:

• Calling the Social Security Office hotline number

• Use the on line fraud reporting form

• Write to Social Security Office.

Yet, if you have been the actual victim of a fraudulent act, seeking legal assistance from a competent Social Security Fraud attorney is advisable. An attorney with sufficient in handing these cases can help you prosecute the law violators.

What is the Office of the Inspector General?

The Office of the Inspector General is the one directly responsible for meeting the statutory mission promoting economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of Social Security programs. It is also responsible for preventing and detecting fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in such programs and operations.

OIG also searches and reports systematic weaknesses in SSA programs and operations and make recommendations for improvements and corrective actions.

Penalties for the violation of the Act

Any person found guilty for Social Security Fraud shall be:

• Fined under the United States Code

• Imprisoned for not more than five years or both

The federal court in sentencing the defendant may in addition to any other penalty order restitution.

When can there be restitution?

The court orders restitution in any of the following instances:

• The Commissioner of Social Security order payment that should not have  been made

• An individual suffers financial loss due to defendant’s violation of this Act.

Our Los Angeles attorneys are proven experts in handling Social Security Fraud cases. For free evaluation of your case, log on to our website and contact our legal staff.

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Maribel Roncales
About the Author:

Maribel Roncales, once aspired to become one of the member of the elite force in the military before she pursue her law studies. Her exposure in writing starts during her high school days. For now, she is pursuing her dream to become a lawyer while working as a writer in a Los Angles based law firm.

SCAM…William Craig Souders of Columbus/Portugal

Dating SCAM…Just don\’t want anyone else to be fooled or suckered into the same thing I did.

Met this guy on eHarmony, his name William Craig Souders, from Columbus OH. Moved here to the United States from Portugal 6 years ago. Had a daughter who lived in Portugal and attended Oporto British School (boarding school). Lost his daughter Mary’s mother at childbirth. His father was deceased. His mother was very ill…and of course she died during our correspondance (mid August).

He supposedly went to London to bid on an oil spill clean up and won the contract. His job (environmental engineer) was to clean up oil spill in Nigeria. But then his mother died and he left the job abruptly. He needed money to pay her doctor bills, burial, etc… Said he now had to sell his contract with The Shell Company (2.5 million dollar contract)….the story goes on and on…

Needless to say I got taken on this scam. (lots of money, digital camera, etc).

He supposedly is to be home here (US) this weekend. However, I have NOT be able to reach him by phone, email, or through Yahoo Messenger.

I am deciding how I want to proceed. Thinking of hiring a Private Investigator, contacting the police/FBI. I don’t want any other woman to experience the same thing I experienced.

phone # he used
london -44-703-1972439 (August 4, 2008)
(not sure where he was here)-080-36741686 (August 12, 2008)
nigeria -234-703-6719027 (August 15 to September 29, 2008)

Sunshine Hotel 8/9 Ebeano Estate New Have Junction Enugu State, Nigeria (sent digital camera via DHL)

Wired money via Moneygram and Western Union to…Chijioke Omenazu Nigeria, Enugu State (test question and answer…Who is it for? William C. Souders)

oh yeah….he even gave me his Columbus address…

1268 Langland Dr. Columbus, OH 43220

I went to this location and a man answered the door. And guess what? The man was named…. William Craig Souders (supposedly not the one from eHarmony though). Kind of fishy if you ask me.

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Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Nigerian Scammer!!!

Hi, I am a resident of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Qld Australia.
I joined only a couple weeks ago. I was ovewhelmed by the response i got from the website that I cancelled my profile and subscription within one week of signing.

I got at least 5 guys that seems geniune. I started emailing and chatting to a guy named: William Sheldon
“supposedly” a 49 yr old widower,(wife died in a car accident 3 yrs ago) a civil engineer .. and owned his own company, with an 11 yr old daughter “Nikki” and had a nanny to look after her.

He didn’t have a photo on his profile and he sent it to me once we were emailing from our personal website. His photo and supposedly daughter’s photo are from that my niece have research and googled for me.

He sounds so sincere, kind and of course I fall for his good looks .. of course .. the photo was from one of the models..and then it was full on and said he was falling for me after 3 days.. then said he’s going for a business trip to London and then in Africa. He called me from London and he’s got a very strong English/cockney accent and even put his daughter on to say hello to me and that she wants to meet me back in Australia when they get back.

Then 3 days later he was in Nigeria for work.. his accent has changed more very strong accent .. he said that this happens as he pick up the accent of his friends.. and here’s the crunch.. he asked me for something to make me close to him and also a playstation game for his daughter who’s mad of soccer!! And of course, stupid me .. believed him, so I spend $75.00 for the CD’s and the game and $54 for courier air express .. so that it get’s there before Valentine’s day.. as he’s so romantic and wanted something of me and promised me that he’s got a surprise present for me as well and I had to give him my address here in Surfers Paradise.

Then on friday 12/2/2010.. he asked me something so out of ordinary, he said he’s lost’s a few of his credit/etpos card and was informed by his bank in London where his “supposedly” bank account is .. that someone’s trying to steal and transfer his money out.. and becuase he is in Nigeria.. his bank has put a bar on his account that he couldn’t access it from Nigeria.. again, it was very stupid of me to believe his lies.. I told him I don’t want to do it as it’s to personal and I feel very uncomfortable to do this.. but he pleaded and keep saying please help him.. so I did.. i typed the account no, the passkey and pin number.. then this “supposedly bank” NatWest Bank of UK opened up with William Sheldon’s name and current balance was 650,000 pounds!!! I told him and said that it was ok and he was relieved.. then I closed the acc immediately and I tore the paper I wrote all the acc, passkey and pin nos straight away and into the bin..

That made me really freaky.. so I’ve told most of my very close girlfriends and my nieces/my daughter.. they all saying this is really weird and sounds very fishy.. so .. I pretended that my computer had virus and block his name on MSN so he couldn’t see me online when I’m using the computer… and I just keep the communication open thru my iPhone..

I got my friend who’s IT savvy, he checked and looked for the IP address, i kept all his emails from the very start, I havent deleted any even now.. and we found out that it’s in Nigeria and one in London. Also, my nieces and daughter’s have been searching and googling the website of Nigerian scammers that I truly believed that he’s definitely one of them… I’m still
playing him along until this friday – 19/2/2010.. so please if you are going to post this .. wait until after the 20th.. when I will stop all communications from him to block all his emails and MSN for good.. and would not take any calls from him!! I’m sure Qld Police will forward my report to the proper authorities overseas and i hope they put them in jail!!

Lucky I was only scammed for a small amount .. and woke up to my senses that I was being conned/duped by such an expert conn artist!!!

By the way, I almost forgot to mentioned that he asked me via email today – 16/2/2010, some money to pay for his daughter’s hospital fees (she was sick.. got malaria) and also a airfare ticket back to he can’t raise any funds for this expenses!! My God .. the audacity of him to think that I’ll be such a stupid fool to fall for this scam!!! No bloody way in the world he’ll get a cent from me!!! Fat chance!!!

Please, I ask women and men out there using the internet dating to be very very careful.. I’m for one will never ever try this kind of dating again ever!!!

Thanks heaps!!!


here’s his details:-
William Sheldon
AKA – Wellington Aghahowa
139 First East Circular Rd
Benin City, Nigeria

tel: +2348136950270

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Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

Avoid dating scams

match free trial

Although there is a lot of complaint on the Net about, I would not call it a scam. The complaints are related to people canceling, or misunderstanding the terms of service and seeing additional charges on their accounts. They see “WMV*MATCH.COM” on their account. Seems the biggest issue is with matches billing services. Something they really should address.

match has a free trial period. We usually completely ignore these things. But this one deserves your time due to the shear number of complaints:

This free 7-day (168 consecutive hours) trial subscription to (“Trial Subscription”) gives you access during the Trial Subscription period to contact eligible singles.

HOW TO REDEEM. To redeem your Trial Subscription to, you must meet the “eligibility” requirements set forth below. As part of the enrollment process for the Trial Subscription, you will be required to pick a subscription package and submit a valid credit card or other form of payment. If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the Trial Subscription period, you will be billed for the subscription package to that you selected during the Trial Subscription registration process. Your Trial Subscription allows access to all of’s basic site features (“Basic Features”) and begins immediately upon approval by of the information outlined in this paragraph.

ELIGIBILITY. Eligibility is limited to non-subscribers of who are 18 years of age or older, single or separated from spouse, and meet all other requirements outlined here and in the Terms of Use Agreement located here: Current subscribers are not eligible.

BILLING UPON EXPIRATION. Upon the completion of your Trial Subscription period, you will be automatically billed for a subscription for the term and rate you selected when you signed up for your Trial Subscription unless you cancel your subscription (see “How To Cancel” below). Thereafter, until you terminate your subscription, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the conclusion of each subscription term at the same subscription rate you initially selected .

HOW TO CANCEL THE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION. In order to avoid a subscription charge following completion of your Trial Subscription, you must cancel your Trial Subscription prior to its conclusion (that is, before the end of the trial 168-hour period) by logging into, selecting Account Settings, clicking on “Change/Cancel Membership” and following the instructions. If you cancel your Trial Subscription, your access to the Basic Features will be terminated immediately.

TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP AND PRIVACY. Your Trial Subscription and any subsequent subscriptions are governed by all of the terms and conditions on the site, including but not limited to the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use can be found by going to and clicking on the “Terms of Use” link. All information supplied by you to is subject to the Privacy Policy, which can be found at reserves the right to refuse any Trial Subscription for any reason. This offer expires on Friday, December 31, 2010, provided that may discontinue this offer at any time. Limit one Trial Subscription per person. Any attempt by a person to redeem more than one Trial Subscription will be rejected. This offer is void where prohibited.

53 Charged in Id Theft, Bank Fraud Scheme

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey say 53 people are charged in a widespread identity theft and fraud investigation. The US Attorney’s Office says the scheme spanned several states. (Sept. 16)

Feel Safe with uninterrupted home monitoring security systems

By: Jhoana Cooper

The world is highly uncertain. There are many security threats for human life worldwide. No country is an exception when it comes to issues related to the home security. With the advent of high technologies in electronics and computers, many new home security systems and other monitoring equipments are available. The present-day home security system is highly sophisticated and helps homeowners to secure their home and protect family members. Home security monitoring systems can be described as reliable, superior in quality and capable of offering protection for a long time. There are many home security companies offering great services for monitoring and watching the home day and night. They will give immediate warnings and provide intrusion signals.

A home equipped with home security systems is less prone to unwarranted intrusion of strangers and criminals. The homes provided with home warning alarms are mostly safe from burglaries. Basic home security system consists of sensors, surveillance cameras, alarm devices, switches and a control panel. There are wired systems as well as wireless systems. There are individual independent home monitoring systems as well as centralized home monitoring systems. Centralized home monitoring systems will be managed by a pool of experts and professionals in the field. They have lots of experiences in the field and they could inform the homeowner or the family members about the potential security threats in the home. They will be in monitoring mode all through the day and night.

There are many varieties of home security systems available with home security companies suitable for your budget and requirements. Nowadays there are many sophisticated systems available at a cheap monthly rate from the dedicated home security services. An independent home security system installed individually for the home will be cheap and you will be responsible for the monitoring of the system. When a security threat alarm comes, you have to take necessary measures to counter the threat. This will be less expensive and mostly the expense will be only at the time of installation. In case of centralized monitoring system, the professionally qualified executives monitor the system and the security threats; they will take necessary counter measures including the information passage to police, fire and rescue systems and medical emergency systems.

The monitored home security system will be a little more expensive than independent systems and you may have to pay a monthly fee for the home monitoring. It is very convenient as you do not have to worry about the monitoring and you can feel free and secure with the monitored home security systems. These systems will alert you when security alarms are triggered due to a criminal intrusion or burglary. You have to make sure that you have selected the best in the field with all necessary infrastructure facilities and professionally qualified staff to monitor the home security warning systems. Also it is necessary for the home security company to have uninterrupted power supply with a backup power for at least 12 to 15 hours. You can search in the internet online sites to locate the best monitored home security company.

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Jhoana Cooper
About the Author:

If you look for a home security system with high reliability and long life, you can get it through online home security sites. Home security systems are really inevitable in the present world with many potential home security threats all around.



Following the meeting of the Federal Executive Council(FEC) of the Federal Government of Nigeria held today for the payment of overdue and outstanding inheritance/contract funds debt owed to contractor and other foreigners of which you are one of them as your name was read out in the meeting, your funds has been approved for immediate payment. In line with the communique signed in the meeting which was witnessed by the officials of Transparency International and delegate of the World Bank and the United Nations for the payment of African debts, your payment has been nominated for immediate payment and remittance to your account designate.

It was unearthed that some impostors and fraudulent syndicates has been in communication with you impersonating the official delegates of the Nigerian government and also extorting money from you in the frame up that they are helping you. These crooks and their fraudulent ring are only working to frustrate you and make you abandon the funds so them and their cohorts will have the funds transferred to their secret fraudulent account. These crooks were the people that presented an impstor to come forward and claim the funds.

As a result of the above explanation the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the World Bank reached a Bilateral Agreement with the Central Bank of Nigeria to have all the debts owed to all foreigners and foreign contractors paid within the next 10 working days. All the relative documents and the loan granted to the Nigerian government by the United Nations for African debt relief committee has been made available to the Central Bank of Nigeria for immediate remittance of your funds.

Thus, you are advised to contact the paying bank – Central Bank of Nigeria for the immediate remittance of your funds. These step was taken in order to curb the fraudulent activities of scammers and fraudsters who parade theirselves as officials of the government and other parastatals. Be Warned that as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the most senior officer of the banking industry in Nigeria, you are advised not to communicate with anyone who parade or present himself as an official.

The Central Bank of Nigeria can be contact by telephone number +23417767597 or you can email the Central Bank of Nigeria on Furthermore, your are advised to send the Central Bank of Nigeria your confidential(mobile) telephone and fax numbers, your residential and office address, and your account designate for the receiving of the funds owed to you. Please also include the name and telephone number of your account officer in your bank, routing number/swift code, account number and account name for proper verification of your account to avoid wrongful transfer of your funds.

Your urgent and immediate response is anticipated as it will facilitate the immediate payment of your funds.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
(CBN, Governor)

Barclay Bank/Nigerian Phishing Scam


Attention : Beneficiary


This is to notify you about the status of your fund presently in my desk. After due vetting and evaluation of your file that was sent to us by the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s in conjunction with Nigeria Government and Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to see an Immediate release of your fund.

From our findings you have been going through hard ways by paying a lot of charges to see to the release of your Fund ($25, 000, 000, 00) which has been delayed. We advice that you stop further communication with any Correspondence from Nigeria . You don’t have to pay any charges to receive your Inheritance fund anymore as you Have met up with the whole requirements, Note your representatives in Nigeria will tell you to still go ahead with them, But it will be on your own risk.

The only thing required from you is to obtain Non-Resident Clearance Form/Receipt which we are not asking you to pay the fee to us here in United Kingdom as the Government of Nigeria have paid us for handling/processing of your Payment with other customers. We will help you to see that you obtain the form so that our bank will effect Immediate transfer of your inheritance sum ($25 000, 000, 00) in to your designated bank account. If you follow up our directives your fund will reflect in your account within five working Bank days from the day you obtain this form. Do not go through anybody again but through this Bank if you really want your fund.

Finally, you are advice to re-confirm your below information to our Remittance Dept. with the below email address, to enable them commence an immediate transfer of your fund to your account. Kindly re-confirm the below information to this email:
1. Full Names: ——————————————————–
2. Residential Address: ——————————————-
3. Phone Number: ————————————————–
4. Fax Number: ——————————————————-
5. Occupation: ——————————————————–
6. Sex: ——————————————————————–
7. Age: ——————————————————————–
8. Nationality: ———————————————————
9. Country: ————————————————————–
10. Payment Method: ———————————————-
Please the above information shall be forwarded to this email: for immedaite attention.

Help the Barclays Bank Plcto serve you better because The Barclays Bank Plc will not be Liable for any wrongful Transfer of Fund Thereafter. We Prefer your Communication with us through Email Address for Security Reasons. Congratulation as We Look Forward To hearing From You Soon.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. David Brown.
Head, Private Banking Section
Barclays Bank Plc !!!!