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Netdrvr Ext W32 Spybot Worm

Those looking for “Netdrvr Ext W32 Spybot Worm

You typed “Netdrvr Ext” Did you mean “netdrvr.exe”?

If you meant “netdrvr.exe” then you definitely have malware. More than likely you have a virus running in a critical system folder of Windows: C:\Windows\System32\netdrvr.exe. This virus looks like it might be a device driver (Network DRV) but it is like a cancer to your system resources and privacy.

This virus can be removed with free tools such as Adaware, HijackThis or Microsoft’s Autoruns (recommended).

Social Security Gov Retirement Benefits

To Baby Boomers,

Don’t put your retirement completely in the hands of the government. Their incompetence is remarkable. Though I believe that government in some form is necessary, I think the larger a government is the more incompetent it becomes.

I really hope your Social Security works for you as you retire, but the people we have been electing have been making really bad decisions. I believe we will eventually right these wrongs. Any changes that happen will have to come from “we the people”

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