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I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI

For 18 tense months, a computer-savvy grifter named David Thomas runs a thriving online crime hub for bank heists, identity theft and counterfeiting, with the FBI paying the bills. Part one of a three-part series by Kim Zetter.

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Asset Labels: Security Markings

equipment label In the military one of the jobs I hated the most was what we called “ADPE”, Automated Data Processing Equipment custodian.  My job title was Equipment Control Officer (ECO).  My job was to ensure that every piece of equipment was present and accounted for.  We needed to know equipment status and keep track of its “life cycle” (life-cycle, is the purchase to decommission process that all ADPE goes through).  I did this for an entire military installation. Like I said, this was not my favorite thing to do.
But it was (is) very important.  Looking at the big picture, I noticed that literally millions of dollars worth of equipment had been lost prior to anyone taking ADPE seriously.  It got so bad that the U.S. government started really cracking down.  If units and organizations neglected to put security markings on their equipment, they were not allowed to purchase ANY new equipment (per base policy).  As the Equipment Control Officer, I started doing audits to ensure every thing was marked properly.

Before I saw the big picture, I thought it was a bit anal but the reality was that some of the equipment would get stolen, lost or just plain forgotten and in the long run this kind of neglect becomes extremely costly.
It is very important for organizations to account for all equipment.  The best way to do this is with a database and asset labels.  In the military we had our own asset labels, but companies like search offer very professional looking asset labels, asset tags, security labels and security printing.