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RSA Security to be bought be EMC?

RSA Security, the digital security firm behind the popular RSA encryption and security tokens, is close to closing a deal with data storage behemoth EMC.

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Stolen laptop with veterans' data recovered

A stolen laptop computer containing sensitive information on more than 26 million U.S. military veterans has been recovered and a preliminary review indicated no data was taken…

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Free Online Blackberry training!

Cool free blackberry training Free, no registration needed!
I don't have a blackberry but it is always good to have instructions on new tech beyond the manual. Enjoy.

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Your first Linux experiment ( training videos)

This group of three short videos shows you how to download GNU/Linux, make a bootable Linux CD, and how to boot Linux on your computer without going through a tedious installation routine. We used Ubuntu for this demonstration, but the steps shown apply to all live CD Linux distributions.
I recently loaded and installed ubuntu 6.06. It was as easy to install as Windows (if not easier). It also looks pretty. Not sure about the functionality and compatibility yet; I have yet to get down and dirty with ubuntu. But my experience with Linux & slackware variants has been that finding compatible hardware, drivers and software for them is a pain in the “ACE”. Much of those compatibility issues have been resolved with the newer variants (red hat for example). But since so much of the industry (gaming, wi-fi etc) make their products for windows, compatibilty is likely to be an issue for a while.
Anyway, here is a linux training video.

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Learn the Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting

You have Linux installed and running. The GUI is working fine, but you are getting tired of changing your desktop themes. You keep seeing this “terminal” thing. Don't worry, we'll show you what to do.
Unix: Shell Programming, by Kochan Wood, is a great place from which to learn shell scripting. It will tell you how it works and why.
Scripting is a lot easier to learn then programming and in some cases it is better use. Scripting can do a lot of things programming can do but with WAAAY more overhead (ie sucks up more CPU/Mem resouces). So it is not practical to do if your creating a large program.

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Data brokers and buyers anger Congress

Almost every piece of personal information that Americans try to keep secret — including bank account statements, e-mail messages and telephone records — is semi-public and available for sale. Congress gnashing teeth.

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Defeating China's "Great" Firewall

“I guess it is not so “great” anymore!” – Digg User

The blog “Lightblue Touch Paper” explains how to get around the “GREAT” firewall of China.

I've heard of other ways to search around it as well.  Here are some comment from Bruce

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I believe that the Chinese government will ultamitely not be capable of supressing the Chinese people's thirst for unrestricted knowlege.  Although, it is human nature to do what is easiest and follow the heard like sheep, it is also human nature to resist repression.

  There is only so much human beings can take.  I'm reminded of Shawshank Redemption in wich the title character mentions “time and pressure”.  Time and pressure is all it takes for a person to break.  Time and pressure. 

I'm sure the Chinese government would not call what they are doing “repression”.  They'd probably called it “protection”.  Or maybe they don't call it anything!  Internet censorship is not restricted to China.  The U.S. government also has restrictions on certain pages and content on the Internet.  Do enough searches about “terroism” and you might even get contacted by the FBI.  Fear is the driving factor for security in this country.  Blanket censorship is something I definitely DO NOT support. 

I guess only individuals can be free and only truly free in their own heart, souls and minds.  With all the breaches of privacy (or should I say complete lack of privacy) between the individual citizens in the US and the US gov't, how “free” and different is the U.S. government from the China govenment at the fundamental level?

The is a difference (freedom of speech for example) no doubt, but it seems as China moves toward freedom (with its entrance into the WTO and movement toward capitalism) the U.S. seems to be moving toward more control over its citizens as it seeks to sift though its sheep to find the wolves in sheeps clothing.

See what the International Current Affairs Society had to say:

“A group of intrepid H4X0rz have discovered how to easily bypass the Chinese governments censorship of words like 'democracy'.”

From a Chinese perspective of the GFW

Google the ISP with 2^96 IPv6 addresses

Google has 79 billion billion billion IPv6 addresses, is buying up massive amounts of dark fiber, and building a massive data center. Just what is Google up to?

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Say Hello to voice phishing

Hi-tech fraudsters have begun using recorded telephone messages in a bid to trick users into handing over confidential account information. The tactic has been adopted as a variant of recently detected phishing attacks targeting customers of the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust.

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Hacking Iraq: The Rise Of Hajjinets

Soliders in Iraq lack many of the most basic amenities, including Internet access, because there are only 6 to 12 computers for every 1,000 troops. So enterprising soliders have set up their own “Hajjinets,” troop-owned ISPs on just about every base in the country.

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